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Computer System Implementation

Network security case study

In this case study, you are going to establish certain procedures that enable you and other network security specialists to evaluate a network from different possible threats and vulnerabilities. In this evaluation take into consideration different important points that should be looked at to decide how good the security of the

Computer Programs & Development: basic programming languages, cycle

Prepare a paper that addresses the following: ? Computer Programs o Describe the three basic types of programming languages. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type. o Discuss possible reasons for there being so many different programming languages. o Describe the relationship betwe

Insurance agency has outgrown their current network

Organization A: This is an insurance agency that has over 100,000 customers nationwide. They currently have about 5,000 employees and 2,000 of them are agents in the field with their own offices. This agency primarily sells life, auto and home policies. Your last assignment for the company you have been working with since th

Key benefit provided by the relational model over previous data

1. What is the key benefit provided by the relational model over previous data models? 2. What are three types of physical data dependence described by Codd in his paper? 3. What are the good/bad choices the first two RDB systems made? 4. How the two systems finally united to the current relational database systems. Think abo

Implementation of a Company Wide Network (ACME Corporation)

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the implementation of a network. Specifically this solution provides the learner a discussion on the implementing, costs, security, and management of a network. This solution utilizes the ACME corporation as a case study to enhance the learners understanding. Looking fo

Databases, Netiquette, and Design and Analysis

a) Describe and give an example of a web database. b) Discuss proper netiquette for participants in such internet services as newsgroups and mailing lists. c) Explain the difference between system design and system analysis. e) If a PC seems slugging ,what could you do to try to speed it up without resorting to purchasi

Describe object-oriented databases

1. Describe Object-Oriented databases. Include a description of objects and their potential contribution to I/S. 2. Describe the database planning and development process. What steps are involved, and what tools may be appropriate or helpful?

VPN Usage in a Managed Care Insurance Company

I am not very computer literate and I am not understanding how to answer this question as I am still trying to grasp an understanding of the material. I came across this question at the end of the chapter: Based on Davis' (2006) article, how would you propose that a VPN be used in a managed care insurance company?

Systems Development Life Cycles

1. What are the most important roles in systems development? What are the responsibilities of those roles and what do you think makes them most important? 2.Systems Development Life Cycles have been used in many businesses for nearly 30 years. What are the advantages of using an SDLC in a business? What, if any, are the di

Security with OSI Model

I am writing a paper that describes the types of security associated with each level of the Open Systems Interconnect model. I would like suggestions for each level. Anything submitted will be used as a guide for writing my paper, all words will be changed to my own and OTA will be given credit for assistance.

Internet Access Suggestion for Haukland University Hospital

Haukland University Hospital wants to set up Internet access for their customers... they are thinking about all options including wireless, hard wired LAN; a fiber connection to their ISP and possibly a sat link. They are also discussing security, backup plans for failures, and trying to identify the unknown unknowns and develop

Algorithms for a New Computer Game

You are working on a new computer game. One of the implementation problems you are trying to solve is character path finding. The user should be able to select a character and left-click the mouse at a location to have the character move to that new location. Normal movement should send the character along a route with the short

Interpreted Vs Compiled Code

Interpreted code executes much more slowly than compiled code, yet several systems use them extensively. The most well known are Visual Basic (it has two modes: interpreter mode and compiler mode), JavaScript and the special case of interpretation of Java programs. Discuss the merits and weaknesses of interpreting, as opposed to

Protocol and Architecture, IP and IPX

Can you please explain the following to me? Thanks. Protocol and Architecture Connection Oriented Protocol and Connectionless Protocol Routing Protocol and Routed Protocol IP and IPX ARP and RARP RIP and OSPF

Computer Programming Code Functions

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using functions, in your software code, in a software development project? Give some examples. 2. Notice that the main program is initiated like a function: int main(void) Is the main program a function? If so, how is it used like a function by other programs? Give exampl

System question

1.Why do systems deployments/implementations fail? 2.Why do systems deployments/implementations succeed?

ebXML- Is it Viable for Web Transactions?

Need assistance with the attached problem. Your boss has asked you to write a 5 page paper which integrates the materials from the above articles. Specifically he/she wants to know if ebXML is a viable and reasonable approach for electronic web transactions. Then he/she wants to know how to get started developing applications

Securities of OSI.

Hello OTA's can anyone describe the type of securities associated and envolved with each level of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model layers. Thanks Very much.

Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis..

Overview Many functions have an almost infinite number of input values. Testing all of these values is not possible in most cases, and doesn't necessarily tell us more than testing a few values. How do you choose the best values to test? Equivalence class partitioning can be used to divide the test inputs into classes so that e

Information system for Sea world organization

Creating new information technology systems for a company requires the staff to understand the reasoning and operation of the systems in which they interact. How will you create the support needed to build the recommended information systems and prepare the staff to be trained in the case of SeaWorld? Resistance - Passive, Ac

Programming Guidelines

You found that you are really enjoying this project and maybe see programming as a future career. You realize though, that if you were a programmer in a large company, you would be part of a large programming team and perhaps work on multiple projects. You are the only one working on this specific program, so you know how each p