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    1. Roach (2007) asserts that IT departments must work more closely with workers on the factory floor, breaking down barriers that have traditionally divided the two groups. The author suggests ways to do this. Discuss a potential challenge that this kind of collaboration might face and discuss a way of dealing with it.

    2. Goldman (2008) says that sales and marketing departments often complain that their company's databases don't provide them with the information needed for market planning, lead generation, and account management. What does the author say is the root cause of this problem? What does he recommend as a solution? To what extent are the author's assertions consistent with your real-world observations? Support your answer with your experience and insights.

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    The potential challenge that this kind of collaboration might face is that due to their differences in work and activities, they often do not understand each other and thus encountering problems when solving problems. Manufacturing engineers are often concerned with their production effectiveness and think that IT personnel is often tied up to documentation and standards to make an effective way of action. IT on the other hand thinks that the ...

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