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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management and Planning

Using course materials and other sources, research available logistics, inventory, and warehouse management technology software tools that could be used in a supply chain. Your discussion should include the following: Identify at least three separate software tools that can used for any logistics, inventory, and warehouse man

Supply Chain and Location Planning

Your Supply Chain Manager thinks that theories taught in The Goal by Eliayhu Goldratt may have direct applicability to your company and the decisions being made. Your Supply Chain Manager is probably your most knowledgeable subordinate and is the leading candidate to replace you someday. Because you want to "stay a step ahead

Supply Chain Management

Task - Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been a popular buzzword since the mid 1990s, and has had many variations of definition by many experts. It's now buzzed over to Canbide and is the topic of debate at the weekly analysts' meeting. What is your definition of Supply Chain Management? *** There are various definitions

Supply chain management & contractual flexibility

Topic: Supply chain management & contractual flexibility Please provide DETAILED explanation of the following: * What is the value of contractual flexibility in managing outsourced supply chains? * How does contractual flexibility factor in when a company changes an order in response to new demand information for the c

Supple Supply Chain

I need some assistance in the following questions. Please help. Thanks very much. Why do executives often fail in the execution of strategy? Identify how the chances of success can be improved? Explain the concept of a "supple supply chain". What strategies can executives implement to help ensure a supple supply chain?

Supply Chain Management (Reverse Logistics)

Please review the attached for Supply Chain Management - Reverse Logistics. --- Review the Scenario. One of Advantec's primary clients, Johnson Automotive (an automotive holding company) provides key parts to one of the big three manufacturers; they are seeking methods to improve and optimize its return parts channels. T

Optimizing Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

1. Select a minimum of two industries (or specific companies) and identify how reselling, selling via outlet, salvaging, reconditioning, refurbishing, and remanufacturing can help that company optimize its reverse logistics supply chain. 2. Explain the relationship between optimization of the reverse logistics channel and th

Operations management: Build-to-stock to a build-to-order

Compare and contrast both the build-to-stock to a build-to-order supply chain models. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Specifically, explain the operational & process relationship between these models with respect to the inventory management and sales forecasting systems? In your own words, what is flow mana

Identify an existing supply chain management processes

A. Identify an existing supply chain management processes within any company. b. Describe the flow of materials to that company, the organization's function, and the customer the company serves. c. Compare and contrast these practices with other supply chain practices, both domestic and globally. d. Based upon the r

Fixed Order Quantity Models

I know you have to find Economic order quantity to figure this out, but i havent been able to get it right!! The answers are in the brackets after the question.. could you please explain how to get them?? thanks! Q4) Staples Office Store purchases computer desks from Office Desk Industries. A desk, on the average, costs

Operations management - Supply chain management & the bullwhip effect

See the attached file also. Question 1: IF: THEN (all else equal, it is likely that): a) We aim to increase "inventory velocity" We must produce and push work-in-process faster to next operation/ wait and produce only what is pulled by next operation. EXPLAIN WHY b) We install an expensive machine that requir

Northco: Supply Chain Management questions

See the attached files. I have 6 questions that I need help with on the attached case study involving costs of over and under-stocking. Northco Case Study questions 1. What are the main problems at Northco? 2. What makes it difficult for Northco to match supply with demand? 3. How should Michaels think about the

Supply Chain Management Exercise Question

Supply Chain Management exercise questions 1. Mike Johnson went back to work in his family business after graduating. The family business, Johnson Bicycles, is a bike shop that specializes in high quality bikes. They carried a full line of bikes, ranging from touring bikes to mountain bikes and aimed to be the premiere, ful

Supply Chain Management Case Study

Barilla Spa (A) Case Questions 1. Diagnose the underlying causes of the difficulties that the JITD program was created to solve. What are the benefits and drawbacks of this program? 2. What conflicts or barriers internal to Barilla doe the JITD program create? What causes these conflicts? As Giorgio Maggiali, how wou

Supply Chain Management

I have 4 questions on Sport Obermeyer case study that I need help with. I have attached the questions and the case study (questions can also be seen below - note: one question has 3 parts). ** The case study is in 3 zip files, titled by their page numbers. ** ------------------------------ Sport Obermeyer Case Question

Supply Chain Management - Question 4

4. Use the spreadsheet provided in the textbook's CD-ROM to answer the following questions on supply chain coordination. We say a supply chain is coordinated if it achieves the global optimal solutiong. a) For the buy-back contract, the retail DC selects the ordering quantity depending on the buy-back price. Set the manufac

Supply Chain Management.

1. What is the different in the supply chain strategies between vertically integrated company and horizontally integrated company? 2. If the company is completely vertically integrated, is it still important that it has good Supply Chain Management? Why? Thanks.

Supply chain-02

Refer to the HCEC case. My solution spreadsheet is attached. ALL I NEED IS AN ANSWER TO BELOW QUESTIONS. THE SOLUTION IS ALREADY ATTACHED FOR THE MAIN QUESTIONS. Assume the Mexican Company charges $62.00, including their markup. HCEC must pay the transportation cost directly. (The spreadsheet determines breakeven prices u

Supply Chain Cyclic Schedule

In European Metals, we examined a "cyclic schedule," in which we produce each item in turn, until all items have been produced; then we start over at the beginning. Refer to the EuroMet spreadsheet. a. If you increase the slack required from 0.05 to 0.075 (EuroMet cell E31), the costs (see Cost Comparison worksheet) go down.

Managerial Economics elasticity in supply and demand

1.- Consider the supply and demand of taxi rides at night. The article discusses policies that are aimed at that market. Given the desired impact of the policies, what do you think are the market conditions that the government is trying to correct?. 2.- The article discusses the very strict test which is required for all taxi

Supply and Demand Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics Homework Exercises Rigoberto 3.- For each of the firms below, identify the market structure that best maches the competitive characteristics found in that firm's market: a) ....................................... Business Week magazine b) .......