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Warehouse site selection

In selecting potential warehouse sites , it is important to consider issues such as geographical and infrastructure conditions, natural resources and labor availability, local industry and tax regulations, and public interest. Please select 2 of the following industries of your choice , give specific examples of how the issues listed above could affect the choice of potential warehouse sites:
a) Automobile manufacturing
b) Pharmaceuticals
c) Books
d) Aircraft manufacturing
e) Book distribution
f) Furniture manufacturing and distribution
g) PC manufacturing
h) A typical Indian retail mall

Please select 2 of the following options and answer the questions in 2 pages ( double spaced )

thanks for you help !

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I am choosing aircraft manufacturing and furniture manufacturing and distribution. The information supplied here should get you started. Please remember to address any ideas you have and make sure that you have used information learned from texts or lectures.

For aircraft manufacturing you must have several things that will make it easier to perform not only the manufacturing, but the testing and delivery of the product. This means there must be available either an airport with manufacturing facilities attached, or land large enough to build the facility and the air field for testing. Having mountains or other hindrances such as tall buildings close would make the project unsuitable because testing could become more dangerous with these obstacles. The labor market must be able to accommodate specialized ...

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A discussion on the reasons two different industries would choose particular sites for warehouses.