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    Supply Chain management

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    What are some of functional strategies that affect the supply chain? Meaning what functional organizations affect it? Perhaps the supply chain should direct how the functional organizations operate? What do you think?

    Furthermore, what are some external factors that will influence the supply chain?

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    Supply Chain

    Answer 1

    There are various functional strategies, which affect the supply chain in a significant manner. These strategies are of various natures and affect different stages of supply chain in various ways. These are as follows:

    Ø Marketing strategies: Strategies related to the Marketing areas like sales, advertising and promotion comes under the marketing strategies, which affects the stages of supply chain in a massive manner. Strategies related to the selection of appropriate prices, product and place for the new product also affects the supply chain by interrupting the stages of this method in significant manner.

    Ø Human resource strategies: Strategies associated with the practices of human resources like planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling human resource strategies which are the part of functional strategies also affects supply chain in a significant way.

    Ø Finance & Accounting Strategies: Strategies related with the activities of financing & accounting such as ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 600 Words, APA References