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Corporate Social Responsibility

Overall perspective of CSR; who bears responsibility?

Please address each question with clear explanations. Please give me sources where information was gathered. 1. What is your overall perspective on CSR after reviewing Chapter 5? If the market does not encourage responsibility for social causes, should a firm engage in this behavior? Does social responsibility apply only to

Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders

I would appreciate any guidance that you can give me on answering the questions below connected to this case study. CASE: The Clean Power Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been in operation for 5 years. The company produces an energy regulating device that automatically regulates the use of power sources in homes and

Corporate Social Responsibility

I would really appreciate your help with this. I don't expect you to write the paper for me, I just need help with ideas and information. Thank you. ------ Family Business Topic: Compensation/Discrimination Characters: Jane, Manager, Payroll Department for R&S Electronic Service Company Brad, Owner of 1tdcS Electronic

Social Responsibility Component

During these days we are becoming ever more concerned with "going green", how much should companies worry about the social responsibility component when creating their mission and vision statements?

1. Define the terms ethics and social responsibility. What does being ethical and socially responsible mean for the organization? 2. Discuss whether a company should put ethics and social responsibility ahead of profit making. Why or why not? Provide examples and research evidence to support your answer with examples from an Australian company.

"the relationship of an organization's ethics and social responsibility to its performance concerns both organizational managers and organization scholars"(Daft 2007). Research evidence suggests that there is a small, but positive relationship between ethical and socially responsible behavior and the organization's financial per

Ethical issues and social responsibility

I need some assistance with a paper that talk's about a factual situation described in the article attached and the ethical issue(s) and social responsibility presented. I also need to identify any other ethical issues that one might suspect would apply to the situation but that are not reported. Bills seek disclosure of pha

Strategic Competitiveness assessment; Corporate and social responsibility

1. Given the critical import of the firm's mission statement, examine that of your own firm, or one with which you are very familiar and briefly describe your assessment of its effectiveness. Tell us why? 2. Briefly describe why you think corporate and social responsibility is or is not important in assessing overall perfo

Social Responsibility: Mattel

Search the Internet for home page. Review the website and find its Corporate Social Responsibility information with respect to Product Safety. Review the site to learn about its viewpoints on product safety. Research Mattel's experience with respect to the product recalls from China. Review the various discussions/

Ethical Choices

1) Describe an example from your own life where you made a choice because of your ethical standards or sense of social responsibility. It does not have to be related to business. 2) In one to two sentences, in your own words, describe the standard of ethics or social responsibility that you used to make this choice

Demonstrating Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility

Think of a situation you have been involved in that tested your ethical behavior. For example, maybe your best friend forgot about a term paper due the next day and ask you if he could copy and hand in a paper you wrote for another instructor last semester. 1. What are your alternatives, and what are the consequences of each

Responsibility Centres

Provide a brief explanation of types of responsibility centres and how to determine what type of responsibility centre a department should be?

Analyze the differences between actual and expected performance.

Using the figures below for each performance center, comparing 2005 actual results with the budgeted results. Using the four responsibility centers of cost, revenue, profit, and investment: What cost measurements are used for each of these centers? Which centers performed better than budget, and which performed worse t

Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation has been an innovator in its responsibility accounting system. In one initiative, management changed the responsibility center orientation of its Logistics and Distribution Department from a cost center to a profit center. The department manages the inventories and provides other logistical services to the comp

Responsibility centers

I have been asked to speak about the topic of responsibility centers to a group of executives at a conference. I will speak about hospitals in general giving an overview. Give three examples of responsibility centers in this business and how these responsibility centers interact. This is a management accounting class. PLEAS