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    Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Needs Assessment for a Training and Development Program

    You are the internal training manager of your organization. As a staff of HR, you are the main contact for everyone who needs training or who thinks they need training. Because you are in the said department, you consistently call upon members within the organization when it comes to determining training needs, developing an

    Who is Milton Friedman?

    Milton Friedman has the reputation of being both brusque and bright. Suppose, as part of a national program for college students on the topic of the social responsibility of business firms, he agreed to listen to you for 5 minutes. What would you say?

    Corporate Social Responsibility.

    The concept of corporate social responsibility suggests that firms should consider not only their profitability but the obligations that they owe to their stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders of a firm, and how can a firm balance its obligations to stakeholders and the expectation that it will be as profitable as possible?

    Summary of article for Companies who practice positive Social Responsibility

    Companies who practice positive Social Responsibility. Find an appropriate article on the Internet which relates to companies that practice social responsibility. The article can be from any bona fide online business/marketing source. The article does not have to be from an academic journal. Read the article and then writ

    APCO Worldwide case: Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability

    Develop a proposed system for evaluating (measuring) and reporting the success of the company in achieving improved sustainability for the case. please lead me about that problem The case: Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility is commonly described by its promoters as aligning a company's activ

    Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

    There are different opinions concerning whether it is better for MNEs to develop global - one size fits all - corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, or whether they should adopt decentralized, 'local' CSR strategies. A global strategy may help to communicate a worldwide CSR culture and maintain uniform standards b

    Journal Article Review

    Babik, K. & Kihl, L. (2009). Stakeholder management and corporate social responsibility in professional sport. 2009 North American Society for Sport Management Conference. Retrieved from http://www.nassm.com/files/conf_abstracts/2009-080.pdf. For this article: - Main theme/purpose - Research questions/Hypotheses -

    Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Harvard Business Case: 9-307-076 December 17, 2008 F. Warren McFarlan William C. Kirby Tracy Yuen Manty Esquel Group: Integrating Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility Questions: 1. How did bringing the different manufacturing activities in-house help Esquel to maintain a high quality of their produ

    Which model of CSR would the Nestle's CEO advocate?

    In 2005, Nestlé S.A. CEO Peter Braeck-Letmathe explained, "Companies shouldn't feel obligated to 'give back' to communities because they haven't taken anything away. Companies should only pursue charitable endeavors with the underlying intention of making money. It is not our money we're handing out but our investors. A comp

    Corporate Responsibility of McDonalds for healthier meals

    Corporate responsibility is an issue that involves many companies and industries and implies ethical choices. To what extent of responsibility does McDonalds (or any food chain) providing healthier meals to its customers (e.g., cooking its french fries in a healthier frying oil); have to society?

    BP/Amoco for environmentally friendly refining plants

    Corporate responsibility is an issue that involves many companies and industries and implies ethical choices. To what extent of responsibility does BP/Amoco have to society at large for running environmentally-friendly refining plants (as was the controversial case in Whiting, IN, where BP was found to be running off contaminat

    Corporate Responsibility Issues in Manufacturing

    Case: The Clean Power Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been in operation for 5 years. The company produces an energy regulating device that automatically regulates the use of power sources in homes and businesses. Recently, they have realized that in order to stay in business, they will have to move their operations o

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Go to http://www.gapinc.com/public/SocialResponsibility/socialres.shtml Read about Gap's vision of social responsibility. Next, go to http://www.mallenbaker.net/csr/definition.php Read about corporate social responsibility. What do the sites indicate about current corporate social responsibilities? Please help

    Staffing issues: Importance of three primary causes of voluntary turnover.

    For the three primary causes of voluntary turnover (desirability of leaving, ease of leaving, alternatives), might their relative importance depend on the type of employee or type of job? Explain. You have encountered several managers who want to delete certain tasks and KSAOs from the formal job description having to do with

    Visit Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream website

    Visit Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream website. After studying the information contained within this website, assess Ben & Jerry's record on meeting social responsibility goals? How does this company meet its discretionary responsibilities? Give examples of social responsibility actions taken by Ben & Jerry's, and outline them i

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Please share your opinion about Corporate Social Responsibility. Specifically, should organizations do good work for the sake of doing good, or should organizations do good only for corporate benefit

    Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility...Case Study

    Determine the effective approaches to ethics and recommend alternatives for a more sustainable outcome. After consulting the website - http://www.e-businessethics.com/NewBelgiumCases/NewBelgiumBrewingCase.pdf I need a report recommending alternatives for a more sustainable outcome. Address: 1. What environmental issue

    Appropriate Types of Responsibility Centers

    Please help with the following problems regarding corporate social responsibility. Identify the most appropriate type of responsibility center for each of the following organizational units: a. A pizza store in a pizza chain b. The ticket sales center of a major airline c. The South American division of a multinational


    "When a reporter makes a mistake in a magazine article, you can run a correction; but when a health care worker makes a mistake, someone can die." Reflecting on this statement, should we hold people in certain professions to higher standards of legal accountability and responsibility? What are the advantages and disadvantages of

    Overall perspective of CSR; who bears responsibility?

    Please address each question with clear explanations. Please give me sources where information was gathered. 1. What is your overall perspective on CSR after reviewing Chapter 5? If the market does not encourage responsibility for social causes, should a firm engage in this behavior? Does social responsibility apply only to

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Wal-Mart

    Economists define costs in terms of opportunities forgone. What opportunities are forgone by Wal-Mart's "everyday low price" marketing strategy? Who pays the costs of Wal-Mart's low prices? Wal-Mart's wages are above the legally required minimum wage, and health benefits are not legally mandated. Are there reasons for a busin

    Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders

    I would appreciate any guidance that you can give me on answering the questions below connected to this case study. CASE: The Clean Power Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been in operation for 5 years. The company produces an energy regulating device that automatically regulates the use of power sources in homes and