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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility in Business

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Provide a summary of Archie Carroll's main points. ** See ATTACHED file(s) for complete details ** Provide 2 detailed examples of organizations where you believe that Carroll's theories are applied.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Please read short article attached. Create an abstract/introduction about corporate social responsibility and the following question: "What seems to be the basis of the of the issue in the article?" ------- Nike: Corporate Responsibility at a "Tipping Point" Posted by Michael Connor ? January 24, 2010 ? Printer-fr

Article for Company who practice positive Social Responsibility

Summary of article for Companies who practice positive Social Responsibility For this article: 10 Companies with Social Responsibility at the Core: From Method to Toms Shoes, These Marketers Focus on Improving Lives and Their Businesses at the Same Time By: Bob Liodice April 19, 2010

Discussion: How CSR influences planning; planning process; management skills

- How might corporate social responsibilities influence management planning for a business organization? Thoughts? Experiences? - Talk about the planning process, both for business organizations and managers. Share some of your experiences regarding planning and what seems to work well and what might not, and why. - Any

Social Responsibility and Stakeholders of Pharmaceutical Companies

Conduct online research on pharmaceutical companies and answer the following questions: 1. What social responsibilities do pharmaceutical companies have that differs from other types of companies? 2. Who are the primary stakeholders a pharmaceutical company has and how do you think they are prioritized? 3. Do you think phar

Improving Governance & Corporate Responsibility

Please help answer the following questions. How can a corporation improve its corporate governance and corporate responsibility? Provide in your discussion a detailed discussion of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and what role it plays in corporate governance.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in my opinion, is most accurately illustrated in Archie Carroll's (1951) Four-Part Model of CSR which includes the following pyramid style of responsibilities: ? Philanthropic Responsibilities-according to Greek philosophers the term "philanthropy" means "love for your fellow human." The context of this meaning is used by organizations at their full discretion to "improve the quality of life of employees, local communities, and society in general. This aspect of CSR addresses a great variety of issues, including matters such as charitable donations, the building of recreation facilities for employees and their families, support for local schools, or sponsoring of art and sports events. " (Henningford et al, 2006) ? Ethical Responsibilities-This is where organizations are urged to do what is right, just, and fair according to all professional areas of conduct within the corporate framework. ? Legal Responsibilities- "The legal responsibility of corporations demands that businesses abide by the law and 'play by the rules of the game'. Laws are understood as the codification of society's moral views, and therefore abiding by these standards is a necessary prerequisite for any further reasoning about social responsibilities. In some sense, one might consider legal responsibility as a truism, which corporations have to fulfill just to keep their license to operate. However, one only needs to open the business pages nowadays to see that the ongoing coverage of corporate scams, scandals and lawsuits reveals that abiding by the law, not bending the rules and not cutting corners, can hardly be taken for granted in today's business world." (Henningfold, et al, 2006). ? Economic Responsibilities- Organizations have responsibilities with their shareholders to ensure that shareholders have an adequate return on their investment (ROI). Employees expect to be fairly compensated for services rendered or jobs performed within the confines of a safe and adequate working environment. Consumers demand high-quality product for a good yet reasonable price. This segment of CSR is a continuous cycle within supply and demand.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in my opinion, is most accurately illustrated in Archie Carroll's (1951) Four-Part Model of CSR which includes the following pyramid style of responsibilities: ? Philanthropic Responsibilities-according to Greek philosophers the term "philanthropy" means "love for your fellow human."

Making a Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

Scenario You are the CEO of Carpeteria, a successful carpet manufacturing company headquartered in Alabama. Carpeteria competes head-to-head with Interface, the Georgia carpet manufacturer that 5 years ago embraced corporate social responsibility and began a program to reduce the environmental impact of its business. Your custo

Social Responsibility of Companies

Think of companies that are concerned not only with the bottom line, but also with being good corporate citizens. Share examples and the reasons why you think these companies practice social responsibility.

Who is Milton Friedman?

Milton Friedman has the reputation of being both brusque and bright. Suppose, as part of a national program for college students on the topic of the social responsibility of business firms, he agreed to listen to you for 5 minutes. What would you say?

APCO Worldwide case: Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability

Develop a proposed system for evaluating (measuring) and reporting the success of the company in achieving improved sustainability for the case. please lead me about that problem The case: Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility is commonly described by its promoters as aligning a company's activ

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

There are different opinions concerning whether it is better for MNEs to develop global - one size fits all - corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, or whether they should adopt decentralized, 'local' CSR strategies. A global strategy may help to communicate a worldwide CSR culture and maintain uniform standards b

Journal Article Review

Babik, K. & Kihl, L. (2009). Stakeholder management and corporate social responsibility in professional sport. 2009 North American Society for Sport Management Conference. Retrieved from For this article: - Main theme/purpose - Research questions/Hypotheses -

Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Harvard Business Case: 9-307-076 December 17, 2008 F. Warren McFarlan William C. Kirby Tracy Yuen Manty Esquel Group: Integrating Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility Questions: 1. How did bringing the different manufacturing activities in-house help Esquel to maintain a high quality of their produ

Which model of CSR would the Nestle's CEO advocate?

In 2005, Nestlé S.A. CEO Peter Braeck-Letmathe explained, "Companies shouldn't feel obligated to 'give back' to communities because they haven't taken anything away. Companies should only pursue charitable endeavors with the underlying intention of making money. It is not our money we're handing out but our investors. A comp

Corporate Responsibility Issues in Manufacturing

Case: The Clean Power Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been in operation for 5 years. The company produces an energy regulating device that automatically regulates the use of power sources in homes and businesses. Recently, they have realized that in order to stay in business, they will have to move their operations o

Corporate Social Responsibility

Go to Read about Gap's vision of social responsibility. Next, go to Read about corporate social responsibility. What do the sites indicate about current corporate social responsibilities? Please help

Staffing issues: Importance of three primary causes of voluntary turnover.

For the three primary causes of voluntary turnover (desirability of leaving, ease of leaving, alternatives), might their relative importance depend on the type of employee or type of job? Explain. You have encountered several managers who want to delete certain tasks and KSAOs from the formal job description having to do with

Visit Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream website

Visit Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream website. After studying the information contained within this website, assess Ben & Jerry's record on meeting social responsibility goals? How does this company meet its discretionary responsibilities? Give examples of social responsibility actions taken by Ben & Jerry's, and outline them i

Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility...Case Study

Determine the effective approaches to ethics and recommend alternatives for a more sustainable outcome. After consulting the website - I need a report recommending alternatives for a more sustainable outcome. Address: 1. What environmental issue

Appropriate Types of Responsibility Centers

Please help with the following problems regarding corporate social responsibility. Identify the most appropriate type of responsibility center for each of the following organizational units: a. A pizza store in a pizza chain b. The ticket sales center of a major airline c. The South American division of a multinational