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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility & the Subprime Loans

Evaluate subprime loans with the idea of social responsibility. Compare and contrast the resulting consequences for these actions. What measures have been taken since to assure this will not happen again? I am currently reviewing the following and making notes from them and need 3 more scholarly resources. 1- Leader Et

Laws Governing Corporate Responsibility

Boatright argues that the best way of achieving the deterrent effect for which laws governing corporate responsibility are intended, is by placing the weight of responsibility for misconduct on the corporation (and derivatively on the shareholders) as opposed to individuals who actually conduct the misconduct. Do you agree w

Creating an Effective Powerpoint Presentation

Collin MacGibson, President of On-Time Technology Products just put you in charge of hiring a several new employees and researching new voicemail systems. If you were hiring a receptionist, CSR, virtual assistant, and telemarketer, what essential phone service skills would you look for in your top candidates? Describe a voic

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Limitations and Criticisms

Find 3 Academic articles about CSR and 2 of them MUST be about Limitation and Criticism of CSR. a. Provide of summary for each article (APA style) b. Examples / Methods of two or three different companies about Company A, Company B, Company C c.Feedback of CSR d. Conclusion

Corporate Social Responsibility Policies And Practices

Write about a particular organization, in depth, describing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and practices (either the presence and/or absence of them). Support that organization's approach to CSR with research.

Purchasing Agents And Social Responsibility

The solution addresses the question: How do purchasing agents consider social responsibility in selecting suppliers? When an organization utilizes materials from suppliers in manufacturing, social responsibility should be a consideration of the purchasing agent. For example, raw materials made in third world country where wo

Improving CSR in the United States

How can a foreign subsidiary located in the United States improve its CSR in the United States? Are attitudes toward CSR in the United States changing as more foreign subsidiaries locate within the United States? How and why?

Holding organizations accountable

Explain whether it is appropriate for a multinational organization to be held accountable for more than merely adhering to the law and conducting its operations within international and domestic ethical norms. By considering several theories on social responsibility and describe the limits, if any, of the theory. Also explaining

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities

Respond to the following, using link below Anglo-American and Primark as examples: 1) Describe what is meant by ethical business behavior; 2) Describe how these two companies - Anglo-American and Primark - apply ethics in practice; 3) Discuss the costs and benefits to an organization when that organization behaves ethicall

Management: Social Responsibility

Text Book: Modern Management: Concepts and Skills Chapter 3, Page number: 77 1. The preceding information implies that managers should communicate to other organization members the extent to which their organizations will be involved in performing social responsibility activities. Could the lack of such communication hinder

Explanation of CSR

Need assistance to define/explain Corporate Social Responsibility. What are the different types of social responsibility and why have these gradually taken more importance over time?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

This is a general discussion regarding corporate social responsibility and its focus on ethics. For the purpose of presenting a corporate example, IBM is spotlighted. Within the pages of this discussion, the different aspects of CSR are discussed as they are managed by IBM, however, these aspects are true and cross compatible to

Trends of Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies need to keep track of trends so they can change to address them. There are two ways organizations interact with trends. One is when a change in the external environment forces companies to make changes in the way they function. The second is when the internal actions of companies trigger off a trend in the external env

Social Responsibility: Bank of America, Kraft, Toyota

Judge the actions of these companies as either legal and unethical, legal and ethical, illegal and ethical, or illegal and unethical? Support your judgments for each company selected. Bank of America After receiving $45 billion in taxpayer bailout funds, Bank of America sponsored a fieve-day carnival-like event outside the 2

Technology and Social Responsibility

Explaining your position in response to each of the following questions: 1. What are three major factors fueling international technological growth? Explain the ways in which those factors impede or support corporate social responsibility. 2. What major corporate social responsibility issues arise out of the use of technology

Corporate Social Responsibility - Capitalism and Businneses

Please answer only 1 of the following 6 questions with a (1.5 minimum to 2 page maximum) answer in Microsoft Word. It can be a bit over 2 pages if need be. Keep the mind set of corporate social responsibility and opinions should be unbiased (in other words opinions should be for or against not for and against). 1. Is the curr

Rights vs. Social Responsibility

Research at least three articles on the conflict between individual rights and social responsibilities. Compare and contrast the two views regarding which should be given precedence when conflicts arise.