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Corporate Social Responsibility and Capitalism

Question: Is Capitalism harmful for the environment? As responsible consumers, what can we do to protect our environment in a capitalist world?

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Capitalism is not bad for the environment. A company can make a profit without harming the environment. There are techniques such as being green. For example, a company can recycle paper, boxes and computer products as scrap metal. Also, the company can install low flow toilets, automatic paper dispensers, large bulk water dispensers, high efficiency low energy light bulbs and increase natural lighting. The recycling program will use paper products such as used paper, unwanted mail and shredding documents. Also, used boxes will be recycled for returned customer products, damaged boxes or received inventory boxes. Finally, the computer products and other metals can be recycled. The recycling program can generate revenue and provide a company with an opportunity to say they are green.

The low resource consumption program will begin with the installation of low flow toilets, which lower the company's water bill and reduce water consumption. The automatic paper dispensers will reduce the number of paper towels used and save the company money. The company can replace the vending machines with water dispensers. Also, the company can install high efficiency, low energy light bulbs throughout the offices. The initial costs of the bulbs and light fixtures are higher, but the ...

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