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Rights vs. Social Responsibility

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Research at least three articles on the conflict between individual rights and social responsibilities. Compare and contrast the two views regarding which should be given precedence when conflicts arise.

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The solution discusses rights vs. social responsibility.

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Corporate social responsibility is a new word in business lexicon that covers a broad scope of information and choices. Businesses are finding marketing and other value in being socially responsible, though there are no rules on what socially responsible means. So companies continue to do business and people continue to evaluate the company and its impact on the planet.

For those who claim companies should be more responsible to the communities they serve and those they work in, there are issues of all types. These include companies like Nestle' not taking water for bottled water. Other companies hear the same complaints. The mining companies should not deplete the earth and leave great swaths of unrecoverable land when taking oil, minerals, or metals. Tree companies should replant as should farmers and developers. The companies should be transparent in their ...

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