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    Legal, ethical, and social responsibilities of managers

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    Provide a short response for each example of a manager who executed :

    -a legally sound decision
    -an ethically sound decision and
    -demonstrated social responsibility.

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    Legal responsibility

    For all organizations, there is a set level of responsibility held to ensure the company is led properly. Legal responsibilities are the guidelines set by the local and federal government to sustain corporate integrity. For a manager, this would include things such as wage setting, safety, and human resource practices used for hiring and terminations of workers. According to opendemocracy.net (2011), "If equality before the law is to have any meaning, it must apply to human beings, not fictitious persons, and organizations must not be handed blanket exemptions from accountability simply on the grounds that they can thrive through privilege (Para 7). With this, the legal system is set to ensure a baseline of ...

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    This solution provides examples of a manager who executed a legally sound decision, an ethically sound decision, and demonstrated social responsibility.