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Business Philosophy

Paying attention to prohibited trade practices

By paying attention to prohibited trade practices and affirmative defenses of companies whose stocks are traded on the U.S. securities exchanges, I need help discussing how differing laws and practices regarding acceptable trade practices among various countries might advantage or hinder U.S. companies seeking to expand operatio

Trade-Off Between Company Philosophy and Goals

1. Is there a necessary trade-off between the company philosophy and the core goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth? . 2. Public image is an important concept for any firm. This is particularly true for the Times as a large daily newspaper that has a nationwide readership. 3. Why is it important for firms to add

Philosophy of Religion - Sikh and Buddhism

1. What are Sikh beliefs? In 450 - 600 words, compare and contrast Sikh beliefs about: God, life after death, the purpose of life, and salvation to those of Christianity. 2. An Introduction to Buddhism

Deming Philosophy: BJB Manufacturing Company Proposal

BJB Manufacturing Company produces high-end compact disc (CD) changers for the automobile aftermarket, which at this time has no quality program. The president of BJB wants his company to become the premier producer of high-end CD changers for the new car and aftermarket segments of the overall market. It is important to note th

Ritz Carlton Mission and Strategy

1. Describe and analyze how the Mission and Strategy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has been translated into an "operating" methodology? Specifically, how have these strategies and tactics been used to produce a quality environment? Be specific. 2. Good quality is espoused by high-level management many organizations. What ac

Annonated Outline

I am having a problem constructing an outline for a paper. I am not sure what subject area of philosophy deals with a Director of behavior management. Create an annotated outline of your final paper, including the following: ? Identify the field you selected for your paper. ? Specify the philosophical concepts and topics

Innovation in Egalitarian Companies

Discuss the pros and cons for the following statement, 'Egalitarian companies are more innovative'. Identify three organizations that you perceive as being innovative, and identify the innovation and its impact on each organization.

Capitalism and the pursuit of profits

Capitalism is directed towards the pursuit of profits and unions are directed towards the rights of its workers. Discuss how these opposing viewpoints can be advantageous, yet destructive, to the business community.


1)Addressing the employees of Solomon as their new leader, Warren Buffett stated "Lose money for the firm and I will be very understanding; lose a shred of reputation for the firm, I will be ruthless." Do you agree or disagree 2)As the newly appointed leader of your own organization list the top 3 core values that you would a

Google corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.

- Discuss the Google corporate philosophy, goals, and culture. - Drawing from examples, such as forms of communications within the company, power and authority relationships, and other norms, describe how the Google Company lives its culture. - Discuss how the new employees should go about implementing the Google corporate phi

Ayn Rand's 1964 essay, 'Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal'

Please read Ayn Rand's 1964 essay "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" at and then write a personal reaction. I'm not so much looking for whether you agree or disagree with Rand's commentary as I am for what struck you, or what you hadn't thought about before but now understa

Investment philosophy and strategy for the Ford Foundation

1. What investment philosophy and strategy would be wise to best further the goals of the Ford Foundation? 2. Can Ford Foundation investment philosophy differ from that of a manager of a for-profit fund or from that of an individual investor? Explain. 3. Discuss such issues as: ? Attitudes towards risk

Capitalism vs Socialism: pros and cons, according to Heilbroner

Capitalism vs Socialism - Pros and Cons". Your main source will be the two Heilbroner books. Part of the paper will explain what he had to say, and part of the paper will be what you have to say. Response should focus on the capitalism portion of this paper.

Management philosophy & identify two challenges/opportunities

I'm writing about Ford. I need help with the following questions. 1. Discuss the organization's management philosophy, product/service offerings, revenues, profits streams, and expenses over the last five years. Evaluate the organization's strategic plan and its implementation over the last five years in terms of achieving i


In the age of Obama, many tout the demise of capitalism. But it's hard to speak of the death of something which didn't truly emerge. The basis of capitalism, true capitalism, is the market. "No man can proscribe a value to a product that a buyer is not willing to pay." (Adam Smith) Bargaining, haggling, whatever you may call it,

Futures contract and the process of daily settlement

I have to answer this question below in 350 words. I have been reading the chapter and don't fully understand this question: Define a futures contract and explain the process of daily resettlement with futures prices.

Philosophy of proper business ethics

What is your philosophy of proper business ethics? Develop at least five different points or arguments that support your thinking. Use outside research.


Please provide the strengths, advantages, and weaknesses of Utilitarianism.

The Foundation of Capitalism

Identify and describe the 4 basic rights that form the foundation of capitalism. Please be very specific/detailed.

About Theory of Constraints

OTA, In your own words and without references, based on your own experience, using the Theory of Constraints, identify scheduling or resource allocation constraints from past work experience or a familiar company situation. Note: The Theory of Constraints is applicable for non-manufacturing environments. A. Describe the

The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Program

I need you help with these 4 questions and I need them to be done on "The Biggest Loser", please! Do only 1, 2, & 4. There is no word limit, BUT I need to enough information to make 1 PowerPoint slide for each question and a reference. 1. The philosophy behind this diet (DO THIS ONE) 2. The claims for weight loss (DO