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    CPM and Crashing

    A. For the accompany time and cost table, what is the least costly way to reduce the project time by one day? b. What is the least costly way to reduce the expected projected duration (i.e. crash the project) by 3 days? (see chart in attached file)

    Operations research questions - which alternative to chose

    8. The Atlantic Coast Shipping Company has a warehouse terminal. The capacity of the terminal docks are three trucks. As trucks enter the terminal, the driver receives a number, and when one of the three dock spaces become available, the truck with the lowest number enters the vacant dock. Truck arrivals are Poisson distributed,

    Business Literature

    How can an author's treatment of a story, essay, poem, or movie change your way of viewing the business world? Do workplace titles and roles define us as individuals? Explore examples of limitations or empowerment by role definition shown in the texts. How would an informed reader respond to the charge that literature has

    Types of intrinsic and/or extrinsic rewards

    You are responsible for supervising one clerical assistant. You know that a large amount of work is going to be assigned to this person in the very near future and that it will be necessary to keep motivation high to meet deadlines. You do not have resources available for any extra monetary rewards. Post on the discussion board

    Employee Programs

    How would I formulate the following programs: Employee Stock Ownership Program that will engage and inspire Employees. Individual Recognition Program that will reward high performing employees A job redesign and scheduling solution program that will accomodate employees. Skill based pay program that will reward employees b

    Optimal solution integer

    Solve the following problem and select the optimal solution. Min 6X + 11Y s.t. 9X + 3Y > 27 7X + 6Y > 42 4X + 8Y > 32 X, Y > 0 and integer answers Z = 46 Z = 47 Z = 48 Z = 17

    Team work/ work group

    There is a difference between a team and a work group. A team is a group of people whose success is dependent on the performance of each member. A work group is a group of people whose success is not dependent on the performance of each member. Now that you know the difference, have you ever participated in a team (note, any

    Recruiting method

    What are some internal and external ways that I could recruit for a teaching position. What will be the advantages and disadvantages of each recruiting method? What steps are involved in the recruitment process? What are some effective retention methods?

    MRP problem

    Assume you are employed by a company that makes a type of simple chair. MRP is to be the method of inventory planning for the chair. a. Draw a bill of materials structure for the chair. Briefly explain or sketch the type of chair. b. Develop an 8 to 10 week MPS for the chair c. Develop MRPs for 3 or 4 of the chair?s

    Discussion on nonrational escalation of committment.

    Description: Myself and a coworkers had an indepth discussion about nonrational escalation of commitment. Use your best communication techniques to discuss the following questions: Identify the possible origianl decisions, the person(s) who could make it, and the peron(s) who may escalet the commitment to that decision. Des

    Operations Improvement Plan and Critical Thinking

    As a member of a management team reviewing an operations improvement plan, what critical-thinking questions would you apply to each process in the plan? Please provide examples of critical-thinking questions with each process of the plan.

    Female pilots

    Explain the actual and potential reasons for the shortage of female pilots. i.e. adverse impact of selection methods, lack of presence in academic programs relevant for the field, discrimination, etc.

    Is health care a right or privilege in the United States?

    Is health care a right or privilege in the United States? While there are no right answers to this question, it is necessary to be able to support your position with evidence, link medical ethics to your answer when appropriate, and cite the sources that you use in addressing the question.

    Sales Training Benchmarks

    What would be the best benchmarks to use to ensure that the sales training methods are the most effective in training the sales personnel? Justify your answer.

    Case analysis

    Need help doing this case analysis. Using the case attached please Prepare a memo for he executives at Hewlett-Packard providing your recommendation for their organization. Include: 1) A brief description of the situation 2) Your recommended approach 3) A discussion on alternate approaches and why your

    Operations management

    I'm seeking some direction on these questions, our text doesn't exact specific answers for these: What are the differences between customer requirements and expectations? How do you develop a measuring strategy? What are the benefits of process, design, and management? How would you measure and reduce cycle time?

    Art Appreciation

    You are supervising the docents who will be conducting tours and answering questions during a local festival, and you want them to become familiar with artworks from different eras. You ask them to use the below websites to find museums that feature exhibits or permanent collections of Islamic, ancient Egyptian, and ancient Gree

    2-3 pages in MS Word

    Imagine you have a meeting with the CEO and other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. Your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start. Fortunately, you have a mentor to whom you can turn for help. Using a business-like tone and format

    Job Analysis

    How does a job analysis increase productivity, aids in job description creation, and guides employee team formation.

    Master Production Scheduling using L4L Rule

    The master scheduling team at a plant producing steel chain is considering a lot-for-lot policy instead of batching into larger lots. The following is their partially completed analysis for 3 levels of chain making (final chain making, fed by fabrication of cut steel pieces, fed by purchased steel rods). (See attachment).

    Scheduling Devices for Networks

    The head of the test and evaluation department of Time Systems company does the scheduling for her department, which is involved only in project work large defense projects in which Time Systems has a contractual role. She should use which of the following scheudling devices? a - PERT/CPM network b - milestone chart c - Gan

    Affimative Action

    How would you recommend to a company's board of directors that affirmative action policies be implemented. What points would support the recommendation and what points may be used against the recommendation.