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    Review of Literature

    Please provide a response to the questions below. Support your thoughts with appropriate references. 1. Do you believe that a review of the scholarly literature on emotional intelligence is practicable? Or do you think that students delving into this field will likely find themselves forced to narrow the scope of their inq

    Shared Values of Doctors in Leadership

    What are the shared values of the doctoral community? I know that all of those with doctorate degrees have worked their way up through a lifetime of schooling, so therefore the shared values of the doctoral community would have to be knowledge and teaching. Those with doctorate degrees are the pillars of the academic commun

    Strategies of Collective Bargaining

    I need some research on these four strategies that used in collective bargaining. *distributive *integrative *intraorganizational *attitudinal Also what are the outlines of collective bargaining process. Thanks

    Strategy Implementation in Global Strategic Management

    Define reengineering. Does it offer something of lasting value? Submit examples of situations where reengineering succeeded and examples where you would not recommend using this strategy. Be sure to support your answer. Please cite your resources where I can find them!!! Thank You

    Equivalent Traditional Marketing

    Discuss the equivalent of the 4 "P's" in traditional marketing to that of eMarketing. In other words, how do you utilize the 4 "Ps" over the web and how does the physical "4 Ps" differ or are the same as the eMarketing 4 "Ps"?

    Franchise Purchase, Subway, Jimmy John's, Cousins

    Visit www.jimmyjohns.com, www.cousinssubs.com, www.subway.com If you were going to purchase a franchise from one of these businesses, which one would you chose? what did you use as a basis for your decision? Be specific with the answer as facts checked on each of these websites.an be. Subway, Jimmy John's and Cousins.

    Costs of control

    Describe the organizational architecture a transnational firm might adopt to reduce the costs of control.

    Ergonomic review of the workstations

    You have been requested to perform an ergonomic review of the workstations for all Executive Assistants in the company. Research what is needed in an environmental review in an office setting and identify the major factors to consider when performing an ergonomic review of the Executive Assistant workstations. Identify 5 conditi

    MBA/530 Discussion Questions

    1- What are the elements of an effective employee development program? 2- How can programs be designed to promote and encourage employee commitment to the organization? 3- What are the challenges and opportunities presented by cultural diversity? 4- How would the process of designing an effective employee development pr

    Emergence of enormous global markets

    Within 20 years, we will have seen the emergence of enormous global markets for standardized consumer products. Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.

    R&D Effectiveness

    Please review the Web Sites http://xmlfund.com/roadmap/ , and http://www.eeel.nist.gov/812/files/2005IPRM.pdf regarding Technology Road Maps. Then, complete a detailed Topic Summary by doing the following: a. Create and defend a technology roadmap for the Ford Motor Company based on the web site reading above. b. Describe

    Compute the Five-year average return

    Select six securities and determine the five-year average return for each one of your selected securities. Those can be based on the following organizations: Wal-Mart, Citigroup, Microsoft, DELL Inc., and General Electric.

    Analyzing the Presentation Environment

    You are the workgroup leader in the finance department at New Products Creation, Inc. The company is seeking financing for a new robotics component manufacturing plant. You and your workgroup will be preparing a major presentation which you will be delivering to several types of audiences who need to be persuaded to financially

    Operations Management for Wally's Widget Warehouse

    Wally's Widget Warehouse takes orders from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. The manager wants to analyze the process and has provided the process flow diagram shown below. There are three steps required to ship a customer order. The first step is to take the order from a customer. The second step is to pick the order for the customer and then

    Case Study: Alternatives and Proposed Solutions

    A case study about Marian Dupree, manager of the Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) group for Drake Semi-Conductors, is evaluated in terms of alternatives, proposed solutions, recommendations, etc.

    Case Study - Executive Summary

    Please provide the following for the attachment: 1. Purpose and scope of document 2. Summary of the situation 3. Key points relating to the situation 4. Conclusions 5. Recommendations and actions to be taken, and why

    Buying Process

    Which steps in the buying process should a marketer focus on? Why? Does the level of involvement with a product or service impact the buying process? If so, how? If not, why not?

    You are the manager of Product Development at High-Tech toys, Inc.

    You are the manager of Product Development at High-Tech toys, Inc. You need to send a memo to the Vice President of Information Services, explaining the following: a. The laser printer in your department is often out of order b. The laser printer is seldom repaired satisfactorily. c. Either the machine is faulty or the rep

    Case Study Imaginative Staffing, Inc.

    1. Should Imaginative Staffing, Inc., adopt a team-selling system for selling to important accounts? 2. If so, who should be on the team? 3. What training would be needed by the team? To what extent should the team's presentation be planned 4. Analyze the key elements and processes of selecting and recruiting a sales fo

    Advantages of using short-term financing

    1. Describe, in general, the steps involved in using the percent of sales forecasting method to generate pro forma financial statements. 2. Explain why return on invested capital may be a better performance ratio than return on assets when comparing two companies. 3. List the advantages of using short-term financing and t

    Managing Cash and Company Holdings

    A company is currently holding $800,000 in cash. It projects that over the next year its cash outflows will exceed its cash inflows by $345,500 per month. Each time securities are bought or sold through a broker, the company pays a fee of $500. The annual interest rate on money-market securities is 7 percent. a. How much ca

    Team work

    You are the supervisor for a large technology-based corporation. One of your subordinate managers, Carly, is heading up a project for a new system that is scheduled to market on the 1st of the year. It is August and things are not progressing at the pace you had hoped. When you meet with Carly, all she does is complain abou


    Any ideas on how you design a forecasting process? What considerations would you employ when forecasting demand in a city that depends on tourism?