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    Critical Thinking Techniques

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    Can you give examples of how or when your training in critical thinking techniques has impacted your decision making process at work or in your personal life?

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    I work for an advertising agency where the owner is also the creative director, which makes for a fun but often chaotic environment. I have to solve little problems and right little wrongs everyday in order to keep the agency running profitably. One such daily incident involved a big pitch to a local university's athletic department. Despite my best efforts, we had consumed all the time in our schedule and it was down to the wire. Our proposal was due that day at 2 pm and it was now 11 am. The problem was that we had a 100 page document that needed to print out in full color 3 times, by 1:30 pm. Our printer however was painfully slow getting the job done. It was printing out one page every 10 minutes. At that rate we would only be able to print 15 pages by 1:30! Furthermore we would have gone through about 4 ink cartridges at the cost of $45 each (a total of $180), since they only last for about 80 pages of color printing. Drawing on my previous experience with high speed electronic output devices I came up with a solution that saved us both time and money and gave us a better output quality to boot. I called around to shops I knew had the high speed electronic output equipment we needed to get the job done quickly and cost efficiently (a total of $100) while ensuring high quality output. I found one that could do the job immediately and as we waited. We got the proposal finished and delivered before 1 pm that day and actually made the cut to the next round of ...

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    This is a discussion of how critical thinking techniques impact your decision making process at work or in your personal life.