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Decision Making and Critical Thinking in Teams

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How do teams enhance decision making and critical thinking? How many decisions in business, in your experience, are made individually? How many collaboratively?

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How do teams enhance decision making and critical thinking?

1. Keep a small no. of members in a group so that full participation is encouraged in a limited time. Ideally, 5-9 members per group are most effective.
2. Inform the members in advance about the group meeting, e.g. agenda/issues to be discussed so that the members come ready and prepared with ideas, possible solutions and alternatives to choose from. Team members are usually better at evaluating ideas rather than generating them.
3. Give a chance to each group member to mention their ideas and solutions to solve the problem/issue. Do round robins by allowing only questions that clarify all the answers/ideas shared by all the members?
4. When ideas are already gathered, discuss them in the group collectively as once those ideas are only the table, it becomes owned by the group and only the group can deal with it. ...

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The solution discusses how teams enhance decision making and critical thinking skills. It also discusses how and what decisions are made individually and collaboratively in business. References included.

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