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    PowerPoint Usage

    A fellow coworker mentioned an article at Microsoft Powerpoint Web page ( http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/preview.aspx?AssetID=HA010565471033&CTT=98) You read article titled: '' Presentation View: Tools for running a Powerpoint Presentation ''. You are excited about what you learned and sent an Instan

    Criminal Justice/Integration

    You have a nephew in high school that e-mails you and asks for your help with a school project about probation departments. Specifically, he has asked for help regarding how probation departments could better handle their increasing case load of probationers. Analyze the problem and reply to your nephew's e-mail giving him infor

    Company newsletter announcing change

    Details: Last year, LRH Manufacturing had to implement a number of very formal processes and procedures to comply with the new Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Sales people were mandated to closely track their expenses and book their revenues differently, and the commission program changed significantly. As a result, several sales pe

    Management Science - Profits/Cost/Revenue

    There are two ways to produce television sets; each has a different cost structure as follows: Process A Process B Unit Sales price = $120,00 unit sales price = $150,00 Unit Variable cost = $75,00 unit variable cost = $9

    Human Relation Implementation

    You are a Systems Analyst that is working 60 plus hours a week on a system that is due for implementation. The CEO finds out that a key requirement was missed. Your boss, the CIO, tells the CEO that it is your fault for not doing your job. The truth is the CIO is "out to lunch" most of the time and this is a requirement that

    Human Resourses - Affirmative Action

    Write a paper recommending to a company's board of directors that affirmative action policies should be implemented. It should be at least 700 words. Include points supporting the recommendation and clearly address points that may be used against this recommendation. Also address how AA policy will relate to compliance with EEO

    End-User Business Application

    List three criteria that are very important to consider when choosing an software application for business use. Discuss why each element is important.

    Group Norms & Productivity

    What are the conditions under which group norms most influence productivity? Why? What are the important factors mitigating the influence of groups norms? Why?

    Change Management Plan Paper and Defense

    For this assignment you will develop a change management plan for CrysTel, the organization in the "Building a Culture for Sustaining Change" Simulation. Develop a paper in which you do the following: a. Identify the major implications of the change at CrysTel, including any human behavior implications. b. Select an appropr

    Selection devices that would identify the best candidates

    Scenario: You are the Sales Manager for Technocrat Gizmos, and your department is in desperate need of new Sales Associates. You post a job description in a local newspaper: Sales job, experience preferred but not required. Candidates must be professional, clean-cut, and highly personable. Ability to troubleshoot and solve

    Professional Development Growth Plan

    1. I need a one page personal professional development growth plan. It can be based on personal assessment of my strengths (it can be anything) and areas where I would like to improve, it can be as a student and future job applicant, or as a current worker. In the development plan, describe the kinds of training, courses, semina

    Memo (Cost Estimation Techniques)

    This memo will be sent to the President of the company. You have been studying 'fixed' costs. You learned that a number of 'fixed' costs are actually mixed costs (variable and fixed). Write a memo to your manager to explain various cost estimation techniques that can help determine the fixed and variable portion of each mixe

    Accuracy of the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Maintained by the FBI

    Your supervisor has asked you to prepare an article for the next issue of the Criminal Justice Technology Quarterly on the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). More specifically, in addition to giving a comprehensive overview of the NIBRS program, he would like your article to focus on how NIBRS is vital to the

    Stock Portfolio

    Walter Jasper currently manages a $500,000 portfolio. He is expecting to receive an additional $250,000 from a new client. The existing portfolio has a required return of 10.75 percent. The risk-free rate is 4 percent and the return on the market is 9 percent. If Walter wants the required return on the new portfolio to be 11.5 p

    Operations Management - Linear Programming

    Chang Yung Chong is considering whether to open a new computer store called Power Byte Computers in West Lafayette, Indiana. Mr. Chong wants to proceed cautiously since the market potential for another computer store is uncertain. He can either open a small store now, open a large store now, drop the idea now, or else have a mar

    APA Formatting Style

    Assignment: Write a citation for a scholarly article on decision making, complying with correct APA style formatting. Include a brief analysis of the article, and discuss your findings. I need help to ensure that I have completed the assignment properly, especially to determine if the citation is correct. In this article

    Office Depot Vision and Mission Statements

    1.Review Office Depot's vision and mission statements (purpose, credo, philosophy, ...). Based on that create a revised vision and mission statement. If they don't have any, then just develop one. Based on the created vision and mission statement why is this statement better? Explain and cite all your sources accordingly.

    I am preparing a paper on the General Electric Company.

    I am preparing a paper on the General Electric Company. I need to come up with a few reasons why its a good place to work (what the company does for its employees), and I'm having a hard time finding any research on that.

    Business Management Questions Multiple Choice

    1. Place the following Process costing steps in the correct order: 1 - Calculate equivalent units 2 - Determine the total costs to account for 3 - Analyze flow of physical units 4 - Assign total manufacturing costs 5 - Compute unit costs a.3,5,2,1,4 b.2,1,5,4,3 c.2,3,5,4,1, e.3,1,2,5,4 None of the above 2

    Constructing a Network for a Job Search Program

    Tom Schriber, a director of personnel of Management Resources, Inc., is in the process of designing a program that its customers can use in the job-finding process. Some of the activities include preparing resumes, writing letters, making appointments to see prospective employers, researching companies and industries, and so on.