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    Unbalanced Assignment problem with MS Excel solver

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    The Allied Company has factories with production capacities as follows:

    Factory #1 23
    Factory #2 20
    Factory #3 15

    The forecast demand for the four regional warehouses ar as follows:

    Region# 1 14
    Region# 2 12
    Region# 3 10
    Region# 4 18

    The shipping cost (per unit) from each of the factories to each of the regional warehouses is as follows:

    #1 #2 #3 #4
    #1 $18 $21 $6 $20

    #2 $10 $30 $26 $8

    #3 $16 $19 $14 $17

    Goal is determine the "least cost allocation" that satisfies the regional demands and does not exceed the available factory capacities. Formulate the cost and shipping schedule matrices that needed to solve this transportation problem. Indicate your decision variables , constraints and ohjective cell. Find the least cost?

    At would you change if the unit costs were unit profits and you wanted to make the most profit you could? What is the greatest profit?

    Is the problem balanced or unbalanced

    What if the demand for Region 2 incresed by 10 ( to 22 units) what would you need to do to solve this problem ? what is the least shipping cost /solution with this change

    Four subcontractors have submitted bids for three projects. Each contractor can only be awarded at most one project- and each project of course can only be done once. The table below gives the amounts fo the bids in $10,000's.


    1 2 3 4

    1 $14 $11 $ 13 $12

    2 $18 no bid $14 $22

    3 $6 $8 $11 $7

    Assign each project to only one contractor so the that the total cost of doing all three projects is a s little as possible. Formulate the cost and project assignment matrices that are needed to solve this. Indicate your decision variables, constraints and objective cell .

    Using What's Best! What is the least cost"

    Is this a balanced or unbalanced problem?

    If you the contractors could work on no more than 2 projects what would you do to solve? What is the least expensive way of assigning the project?

    Why does quantitative analyst have a difficult time in leading and motivating an organization towards its goals? Where does he/she lie on the management grid? Where should he/she be?

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