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Explain the location of industry in Los Angeles

What explains the location of industry types and locations in LA? What are the implications of the patterns for the LA economy and businesses? Why can't more businesses be built to help overcome the traffic congestion?

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By virtue of its location, Los Angeles is driven by international trade and business. The city is the second largest in the country and the combined ports of LA and Long Beach are second only to New York City. It is the largest manufacturing area in the country and being on the Pacific Rim promotes heavy import and export trade.

A couple of decades ago it would have been notable to have said that many of the businesses in the region were international, but now days most businesses of any size are global. In that context, LA is no different than many other areas, but it has the distinct advantage of being a huge shipping hub, both offshore and nationally. A short drive on I-10 or I-15 would convince anyone of the volume of trucking traffic in and out of the area.

A second factor important to industry is a large labor pool. The ...

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The 575 word solution gives a good perspective on Los Angeles including some recent history. It provides three major factors to explain the location of industry in LA and why it will probably continue to grow in importance.