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    Depreciation Calculations

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    ? Write a paragraph that describes the process for making a straight-line depreciation schedule. Include visual and graphical representations.
    ? Prepare an example of a straight-line depreciation schedule using a forklift with the following details: the first four years of depreciation of the forklift that cost $9,450, and it is expected to be used for 12 years, and is projected to be scrapped for $500.
    ? Create an an example of the sum-of-the-years' -digits method using a delivery van. Find the depreciation for each of the three years of the expected life of the delivery van that has a total cost of $18,000 and a salvage value of $3,000.
    ? Create an example using the double-declining balance method to make a depreciation schedule for equipment that cost $4,500 and has a salvage value of $300. The equipment is expected to last five years

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    Solution Summary

    Calculates depreciation using different depreciation methods with graphs:
    a) Straight Line Depreciation
    b) Double Declining Depreciation
    c) Sum of years Depreciation