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    Business Management

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    Quantitative Methods: Transportation Model

    1. In a balanced transportation model where supply equals demand, a. all constraints are equalities b. none of the constraints are equalities c. all constraints are inequalities d. none of the constraints are inequalities 2. In a transportation problem, items are allocated from sources to destinations a. at a max

    Strategic Management

    Evaluate each of the following approaches that a business firm could use to gather information about competition. For each approach, mark your feeling about its appropriateness using the following scale: 1. definitely not appropriate, 2. probably not appropriate, 3. undecided, 4. probably appropriate, and 5. definitely appro

    Business Firm Approach

    This assignment requires that we evaluate each of the following approaches that a business firm could use to gather information about competition. Indicate on why these acts were either appropriate or inappropriate. For each approach, mark your feeling about its appropriateness using the following scale: 1. Definitely not a

    Quantitative Methods

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- A logistics specialist for Wiethoff Inc. must distribute cases of parts from 3 factories to 3 assembly plants. The monthly supplies and demands, along with the per-case transportation costs are: Destination Assembly Plant 1 2 3 Supply Source A 5 9

    Discussing Quantitative Methods

    A large book publisher has five manuscripts that must be edited as soon as possible. Five editors are available for doing the work, however their working times on the various manuscripts will differ based on their backgrounds and interests. The publisher wants to use an assignment method to determine who does what manuscript. Es

    Quantitative methods:Operations research, Fill in the blank

    Fill in the blank 7. An example of a ________________ point is a distribution center or warehouse located between plants and stores. 8. In the linear programming formulation of the transshipment problem there is one _________ for each node. 9. A plant has 4 jobs to be assigned to 4 machines, each machine has different

    Quantitative Methods

    TRUE/FALSE 1. In a transportation problem, items are allocated from sources to destinations at a maximum cost. 2. The linear programming model for a transportation problem has constraints for supply at each source and demand at each destination. 3. In a balanced transportation model where supply equals demand, all con


    Alex Walker, manager of the new car sales department, sold a new car for $14,150. This purchase was financed by a cash down payment of $2,000, a trade-in allowance of $4,800, and a bank loan of $7,350. The dealer's cost was $11,420, which included factory price plus sales commission. The manager of the used car sales departm

    Maslow's hierachy

    4) What is Maslow's hierachy of needs? How do differnces in need priorieties influence consumer behavior ? 6) Some suggest that it is important to distinsguish between a need and a want. From this perscpective, a need is something we must have, whereas a want represents something we desire but can live without. Do

    Management Training Program

    Attempting to Locate a powerpoint presentation including detailed speakers notes that covers, in detail, the following areas: 1) Overview with brief description of all of the topics that need to be included in a COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM 2) The training delivery/communication options for these topics

    Operations Management

    What is the importance of the master production schedule in an MRP system? What is the importance of lead time in an order point system.

    New distribution facility in Northeast PA

    I am needing assistance with the task which is attached. Basically the company is wishing to consider construction of a new facility within the northeastern part of the US and you are to formulate your thoughts of how/why/where. These are my thoughts Instead of moving or erecting a facility in Northeast PA (where it sugge

    Quantitative Methods

    True and false 1. In a media selection problem, maximization of audience exposure may not result in maximization of total profit. 2. In an unbalanced transportation model, supply does not equal demand and supply constraints have signs. 3. Due to the unique characteristics of a transportation problem, the solution v

    Canbide's CERG department

    I am trying to formulate a root cause analysis for a complex task. I have broken down the aspects however am trying to formulate an introduction for the essay which I am having extreme difficulty. Therefore I am turning for assistance. The task and information is attached. As the introduction states the problem and describes

    Quantitative Methods

    Any forecasting method is fine, forecasting method based on regression, moving average. --- Case Problem 1 The Carlson Department Store suffered heavy damage when a hurricane struck on August 31, 1996. The store was closed for four months (September 1996 through December 1996), and Carlson is now involved in a dispute wi

    Explain concept

    Use these data to compute accounts receivable turnover ratios and average collection periods for 2005 and 2006. Based on your analysis, is Hickory Company managing its receivables better or worse in 2006 than it did in 2005? Assume that Hickory Company has the following data related to its accounts receivable: 2005

    Quantitative Methods

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- Case Problem 2 Cinergy Corporation manufactures and distributes electricity for customers located in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. The company spends $725 to $750 million each year for the fuel needed to operate its coal-fired and gas-fired power plants; 92% to 95% of th

    Describe the circumstances that led to the commitment being escalated

    You and your co-workers had an in-depth discussion about nonrational escalation of commitment. Use your best communication techniques to discuss the following questions: Identify the possible original decisions, the person(s) who could make it, and the person(s) who may escalate the commitment to that decision. Describe the

    Identify methods for improving work design.

    Memory chip manufacturer has determined that there are three possible general locations for building a key production facility: 1) a rural location in the southwest United States that has offered major tax incentives and promised to make Manychip exempt from certain local environmental restrictions 2) an overseas location i

    Solving a management accounting problem

    Management accounting focuses primarily on providing data for: external uses by stockholders and creditors. internal uses by managers. external uses by the Securities and Exchange Commission. external uses by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Quantitative Methods : Constraint in LP formulation

    If Xab = the production of product a in period b, then to indicate that the limit on production of the company's "3" products in period 2 is 400, a. X32 400 b. X21 + X22 + X23 400 c. X12 + X22 + X32 400 d. X12 + X22 + X32 400 e. X23 400

    Quantitative Methods

    The dietician for the local hospital is trying to control the calorie intake of the heart surgery patients. Tonight's dinner menu could consist of the following food items: chicken, lasagna, pudding, salad, mashed potatoes and jello. The calories per serving for each of these items are as follows: chicken (600), lasagna (700), p

    Principles- Effective Management and Managing Change

    Imagine that you have started the turnaround in your division. You have been able to do a lot of work yourself, but now, you realize that you need help to make this transformation happen. More and more firms are relying on teams to help fulfill their mission and goals. While workers in this country have historically been sociali