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    Discussing the Redesigning of an Organization

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    During times of change, one of the first things some leaders do is to reorganize or redesign their organizations. What are the advantages and disadvantages of redesigning an organization as part of leading needed business changes? What are the risks and costs associated with redesigning an organization?

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    "What happens when the rubber band runs out?"

    The key to reconstruction or simply avoiding business failure is working on your business rather than simply in it. That means being aware of the main reasons why businesses fail, and ensuring that you have your business assessed regularly by an impartial adviser who will always be objective about your chances.

    Advantages of redesigning or reconstructing a business, is to give the business a second chance, or simply, to make it even better than now. Very often, need for changes arise because the business is not performing as good or even falling. Therefore, this is a second chance for the business, to create new business opportunities.

    Disadvantages however, greatly require ...