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    selection process

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    Pick one of the following jobs and develope a selection process it.

    ? Bank Teller
    ? Retail Store Cashier
    ? Telephone Customer Service Representative
    ? Human Resource Manager
    ? Waiter or Waitress

    Your selection process should include the following components:

    1. Selection of the Job Analysis Method to be used and your rationale for its selection
    2. Job Description for that position
    3. List of Job Specifications
    4. A List of the Resources Cited

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    For this assignment, we will develop the selection process of a waiter.

    Selection process:

    1) Initial screening: All the applications and resumes will be reviewed at this stage to select the candidates who meet the minimum criterias and qualifications for selection and to discard the candidated who do not even meet the basic qualifications.

    2) Employment Testing:

    In this step, varous assessment tools designed to measure critical job characteristics are being used.

    Almost anybody who is desperate for a job can act well enough to fool even highly skilled interviewers. Pre-employment assessments help employers look "below the surface" to better evaluate applicants, saving time and money.

    First and foremost, Job Attitude Surveys can tell you, up front, if you're spending your time interviewing people who're most likely to be honest, hardworking and reliable. Knowing that, your hiring managers are ready to choose from a more select group.

    Additionally, assessments that investigate behavioral traits significantly enhance the selection process. While some attributes are common to many "front of house" positions, certain key traits tend to differ from Job to Job and restaurant type to restaurant type. The best assessments can be customized for your operations and based upon people who've proven to be successful for you.

    For the position of a waiter, the following job analysis methods are being ...

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    Pick one of the following jobs and develop a selection process.