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Information on a Different Country's Customs for Business

Each of the four HR Managers is contributing to the international team-building groundwork by doing the following:

Select two countries from different regions and create a PowerPoint presentation for the other HR managers, as well as the Corporate HR Director, on the unique cultural issues that may come up if people from these countries would be working together for Ace Consulting. These presentations may be later adapted for cross-cultural orientation in the company.

Topics that you will want to consider are:

The role of women in their society
How will assertive behavior be viewed in your selected countries?
How is direct communication viewed-- is it considered rude or is it expected?
Is making eye contact a sign of paying attention to what a person is saying or does it show disrespect for the person?
What is the most preferred means of communication, written or verbal?

Solution Summary

I have selected two countries from different regions. I have introduced all management aspects and cultures. All work is based on research I've done, attached as a powerpoint.