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    Biology is the study of all life forms, from single-celled to multi-cellular organisms, detailing all aspects of their existence and constituent components which influence their survival. Additionally, biology is a field of study which is composed of a plethora of specialized fields. For example, ecology, genetics and evolution are all different fields of study within the realm of biology.

    Biology is a critical field of study because it allows us to understand how living organisms function. For example, the study of human biology details how every system within the human body, such as the cardiovascular system and integumentary system, work. Additionally, studying various types of living organisms such as animals, plants and microorganisms, are important when trying to formulate discoveries within other biological fields. For example, plants are often used for the production of different drugs and thus, studying plants is central to the field of pharmacology.

    Biology attempts to understand all living organisms. However, generally biologists tend to focus or specialize their research on a few specific organisms or a specific class of species (birds or reptiles for instance) so that they can become authoritative in their area of study. Some biologists study model organisms so that they can understand specific components of biology which influence organisms. For example, a geneticist may study specific regulatory genes in a Drosophila (an example model organism) to understand the developmental processes or true function of those genes, and this research will be useful for a wide range of species.

    Biology is a diverse field of study which covers a wide spectrum of topics. It studies all living organisms and the factors such as evolution and microbiology, which have influenced their progression through time, as well as overall existence. Clearly, biology is a field of study which requires continual research so that further scientific advancements can be developed.


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    Genetics is the study of genes, heredity and variation in living organisms.