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Ancient and Medieval Art

Ancient Art types are emphasized.

This posting assesses a Greek work of art and one Roman work. This posting addresses this task: From the list below, choose one Greek work of art and one Roman work of art and compare and contrast them according to the criteria listed: Greek Art Roman Art "Doryphor

Knossos Palace

Discuss several of the factors that made the Knossos Palace so exceptional architecturally, and describe the functions the palace complex was designed to serve. How does this compare with previous examples of buildings from the Near East and Egypt.

Early Byzantine Arts and Gothic Church Architecture are featured.

This task is achieved: You watch a television show about Gothic church architecture, and it interests you so much that you decide to write a research paper on the subject for your English composition class. Using the Internet, discuss this type of architecture. Church Selected: Church of Hagia Sophia Task: What character

Egyptian and Mesopotamian art forms are compared.

This job selects four specific examples of art from Mesopotamia and/or ancient Egypt. One image is a human figure. These areas are covered: * A photo, including in-text citation (please put the weblink or other citation in the Notes area as shown in the PPT example in my Instructor's Files). * Description of the

A piece of Ancient Roman Art is assessed.

The Villa of the Mysteries is examined in these terms: ? Where can examples of Roman wall painting be found today? ? What was the technique used? ? What were the materials? ? What was the subject matter? ? How are all of these characteristics typical of the time period?

Various Employment Law

Please help with the following problem. This posting selects two works of art from any ancient culture. It then uses the terminology and concepts for evaluating art to compare and contrast the two works.

This job compares Greek to Roman art.

This question is debated: The Laocoon Group (1st Century, CE) and the Apollo Belvedere (Roman copy after a 4th century BCE Greek original) is examined: ? What is the FORM of the work (the overall structure including line, shape, texture, value, color and balance)? ? Does the work have SUBJECT MATTER (if so, what is li

Various art types are offered.

This posting chooses one Greek work of art and one Roman work of art and compares and contrasts them according to the criteria listed: Greek Art Roman Art "Doryphoros" Augustus of Primaporta The Laocoon Group Apollo Belvedere Nike of Sa

Roman Architecture is discussed in terms of purpose, use, construction.

This posting utilizes three examples of Roman engineering to provide the following information: Describe the item, including how it stands (arches, columns, vaults, free form, etc.). What construction materials were used? Where is the item - in modern Italy or outside of it? What was its purpose? Who primarily used i


I need information about Rome in January 44 B.C.E Architecture Architecture 1. Monuments and Landmarks and Civil Buildings


Should old art, old buildings, be removed or torn down to make way for the new? For example, the Chicago Stock Exchange building in a prime downtown location was designed by the great architect Louis Sullivan, called "the father of modernism." A major civic argument broke out when the property was purchased by developers who wa

Multiple Choice

1. During the Gothic times the importance of a town was measured by a. the number of churches constructed in it b. the population of wealthy families c. the height and size of its cathedral d. the amount of commerce it conducts 2. The pointed arch in Gothic architecture was created a. as a rebellion against Romanesque st

A tale of two cultures

A Tale of Two Cultures, by Charles Fenyvesi A Beijing scholar links an ancient Chinese dynasty to the New World's earliest civilization Abroad for the first time in his life, Han Ping Chen, a scholar of ancient Chinese, landed at Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., the night of September 18. Next morning, he

Gothic architecture is hypothesized.

What do you think inspired folks to build such fantastic structures (Gothic architecture) without the benefit of cranes, pneumatic hammers, etc.?