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Greek and Roman art

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This posting chooses one Greek work of art and one Roman work of art and compares and contrasts them according to the criteria listed:

Greek Art Roman Art

"Doryphoros" Augustus of Primaporta

The Laocoon Group Apollo Belvedere

Nike of Samothrace She-Wolf

Temple of Athena The Colosseum

Parthenon Arch of the Constantine

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Please allow some of my ideas to help:

First, as you compare and contrast the She-wolf, you might note that a 1997 restoration of this bronze statue revealed that it "was cast as a single unit. This technique was typically used in the Middle Ages" (http://www.atrium-media.com/rogueclassicism/Posts/00004857.html). Because the She-Wolf's bronze resembles style from the Middle Ages, you might contrast it with the Greeks.

In terms of form and overall structure for #1, you might look at its realism. Its form shows a muscular animal body with "spare flanks, gaunt ribs and taut, powerful legs. The lowered neck and head, alert ears, glaring eyes and ferocious muzzle capture the psychic intensity of the fierce and protective beast" (http://www.public.iastate.edu/~tart/fall2003arth280website/etruscans.htm). As you talk about form, you might note its linear details with its "angularity contrasts with the classical smoothness and organic curving of the later Classical work" ...

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Art from the Greeks and Romans is emphasized.

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