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A brief comparison between the Greeks and Romans

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This is a very brief overview illustrating the differences between the Greeks and Romans.

It includes elements of culture such as government and geographical terrain, economics and trade practices, art and architecture, and philosophical and religious beliefs.

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This is a very brief overview illustrating the differences between the Greeks and Romans. Over 350 words of original text along with websites that will contain additional information.

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Romans brought neighboring communities under their control and influence. People not originally from Rome could become Roman citizens. Greek city-states were fiercely independent and did not typically allow outsiders to join them. The Greeks gave birth to the concept of democracy. Greek women were not considered citizens while Roman women were.


The city of Rome is located in the middle of the Italian Peninsula. It was on the trade migration route between northern and southern Italy. The Greek mountains cause each city-state to develop independently. The mountainous terrain also affects trade.


For both empires it was based on ...

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