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    Greek vs. Roman art - how to tell?

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    Please help with the following art history problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution.

    What are some of the problems that we encounter in attempting to define Roman Art? How are these problems uniquely related to Roman attitudes toward the Greek civilization?

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    The primary difficulty in defining Roman Art is its close approximation of Greek Art. The two are virtually indistinguishable, in some cases. The Greek period immediately preceded the Roman one, so dating the materials used to create the art is not much help - besides, stone is stone, and dating a rock does little to help you pin down which culture *carved* that stone.

    The primary differences between the two periods are in stylistic differences, and that can be very subtle and difficult to define. The Greeks revered perfection, and ...

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    The following posting helps with an art history problem. It discusses why it is difficult sometimes for scholars to determine whether a classical artwork is of Greek or Roman origin. The explanation is given in 363 words.