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    ancient art comparisons

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    Please help with the following problem.

    This posting selects two works of art from any ancient culture. It then uses the terminology and concepts for evaluating art to compare and contrast the two works.

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    As you select two works of art from any ancient culture, please allow some of my ideas to help. After writing your own ideas, please send to me for editing.

    First, you might select the piece called "Administrative tablet with cylinder seal impression of a male figure, hunting dogs, and boars." It comes from Uruk during the 3100-2900 B.C. period in Mesopotamia. Its image is found at http://www.metmuseum.org/works_of_art/collection_database/ancient_near_eastern_art/Administrative_tablet_with_cylinder_seal_impression/ViewObject.aspx?depNm=ancient_near_eastern_art&pID=1&vW=0&Pg=1&St=5&StOd=1&vT=2&OID=30008828.

    You might talk about how this piece definitely represents its historical era since it highlights how the development of a writing system in ...

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    In the following posting, ancient art comparisons are drawn.