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    Comparison of two ancient artworks

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    Visit the following websites and explore the collections of Ancient Art there:

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    The Louvre Museum
    The Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery and Sackler Gallery

    From the gallery websites listed above, select two works of art from any ancient culture. Using the terminology and concepts you are learning for evaluating art, compare and contrast the two works including materials used, style, meaning, symbolism, and any other aesthetic issues. Explain how the works of art fit into the context of the time period. Keep in mind that only art works that fit into the period of Ancient Art (created between 30,000 BCE- 500 CE) will be accepted.

    What is the FORM of the work?

    Is it a two-dimensional or three-dimensional work of art?
    What materials are used?
    What techniques or processes are used to create the art work?
    What colors are used?
    Describe the use of line, space and balance.
    Does the work of art have SUBJECT MATTER?

    If so, what is literally depicted?
    What is the CONTENT?

    What does it mean or represent?
    What is the artist's message?
    Is symbolism used? If so, what is the meaning?
    What is the context of the art work?
    What is the function of the art work?
    What traditional role of the artist is exemplified?
    Please note all references and website that you get your information

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    This is a suggested beginning, with the information that you will need to write your essay. You are expected to use this information to compose your response, so that your essay reflects your voice, personality and style. The content of the attached solution document is copied and pasted below, including hyperlinks and images, which this text box does not show.

    From the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas: URL http://www.metmuseum.org/works_of_art/collection_database/listview.aspx?page=2&sort=5&sortdir=asc&keyword=&fp=1&dd1=5&dd2=26 is this three-dimensional figure of a chubby baby, either with stylized hair, or wearing a cap. The enlarged view of this work, and information about it, is at URL: http://www.metmuseum.org/works_of_art/collection_database/arts_of_africa_oceania_and_the_americas/baby_figure/objectview.aspx?page=2&sort=5&sortdir=asc&keyword=&fp=1&dd1=5&dd2=26&vw=1&collID=26&OID=50005989&vT=1

    The information regarding this figure is copied and pasted below:
    Title"Baby" Figure
    Date12th-9th century BCE
    CultureOlmec, Las Bocas
    MediumCeramic, cinnabar, red ochre
    DimensionsH. 13 3/8 x W. 12 1/2 x D. 5 3/4 in. (34 x 31.8 x 14.6cm)
    Credit LineThe Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Bequest of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1979
    Accession Number1979.206.1134

    Additional Views (Total: 3)
    DescriptionSeated, life-size baby figures are among the most intriguing ceramic works from Precolumbian Mexico. Although their human features and postures are not symbolically complex and are easily understood, the ...

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