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    Greek myth and development of art

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    Paper topic: culture Greek

    I need help figuring out why the visual arts developed in this culture the way they did. Also need help with a thesis and introduction that deal with three types of media that were used during this time period. It would be early Greek art and Myth.

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    The easy part of this assignment for me (being an Art major helps a LOT!) is helping you choose the art media for ancient Greeks. The three that will provide you with the most examples of surviving artworks are sculpture (marble and bronze) frescos (paintings done on walls and ceilings in plaster) and pottery (ceramics). If you have trouble finding enough frescos, try mosaics, which were "paintings" done using small pieces of colored tile or stone as the "paint." You can also, of course, cite architecture (temples are a good choice) as one of the art forms.

    The reason that art developed as it did was due to the religious and philosophical attitude of the Greeks. Greeks believed that their gods occupied human form, usually, except for occasions when they adopted another form for a specific purpose. And, each human-formed god or goddess was in charge of certain things in the universe - this is polytheistic, or many gods. Because they were gods and goddesses, of course, they were physically perfect, even if not behavorially and ...

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    Discussion of hoz greek religion developed their ideas of art in various genres