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    Roman Construction Examples

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    This posting discusses the importance of Roman construction, finding examples of Roman engineering:

    1. Describe the item, including how it stands (arches, columns, vaults, free form, etc.).
    2. What construction materials were used?
    3. Where is the item - in modern Italy or outside of it?
    4. What was its purpose?
    5. Who primarily used it?
    6. How is the public work/private house decorated? Do these decorations include words, or are they mostly pictorial?

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    As you pick three pieces, please allow some of these ideas to guide you:

    First, you might consider The Arch of Constantine. When looking at its style, you might label it as a triumphal arch. When looking at style and construction, The Arch of Constantine is a three-way arch. It measures 21m in height, 25.7m in width and 7.4m in depth. Its central archway is 11.5m high and 6.5m wide, while the lateral archways are 7.4m×3.4m. It also contains eight detached Corinthian columns, four on each side, stand on plinths on the sides of the archways. Its piers contain white marble in opus quadratum, while the attic is opus latericium covered with marble slabs.

    As you explore its purpose and history, please note that it was built in 315 CE to honor Constantine I after his victory over Maxentius.

    In terms of location, it is in Rome. The arch is located in the valley of the Colosseum between the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum.

    If you need research, please note that data from http://www.greatbuildings.com/search.html shows that it contains the inscription, "Votis X," in terms of decorations.

    When furthering assessing style, this piece is quite intricate because of its reliefs. ...

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