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Roman Construction

This solution discusses the importance of Roman construction, using three examples of Roman engineering (any combination of public works and/or private houses).

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As you assess your three pieces, please allow some of these ideas to guide you:

First, The Sanctuary of Fortuna is interesting. Since Roman sanctuaries were like small urban temples, they were also built in the Etruscan manner. Please note how they contained deep porches and wide sets of stairs, They were also built with tufa and stucco overlay. Many were often built in highly commercialized centers.

As you look at the example, please note how it contains a small rectangular temple with a rectangular cella. There is also a porch at one end with a single flight of stairs. The plan has hints of the Greek peripteral style. However, because its columns are in the form of pseudo-peripteral. This design was a standard for Roman temples. It also exemplifies Republic Eclecticism. For more sources, please visit http://www.utexas.edu/courses/introtogreece/lect34/img11praenestesanc.html

When looking at the history, it is dated to the end of the sixth century BCE.

In terms of purpose and use, please note that Fortuna was also related to the goddesses of childbirth. Thus, the purpose was dedication. Since Fortuna appealed to the lower classes of Roman society, ...

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