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Analysis of Variance

Intensive supervision program for poor student performers

Suppose that you are interested in determining the effectiveness of an intensive supervision program (ISP) for poor student performers. To examine its effectiveness, you keep track of 12 students entering an ISP for one year and tabulate the number of poor grades they had. You also gather two control groups. The first consists o

ANOVA and Tukey sample problem for statistics students

We wish to determine whether the homicide rate is different in different parts of the country and, if it is different, what is the pattern. We have data on 36 states - 9 each in the four regions Northeast, Midwest, South and West. Region Homicide rate Northeast 3.23 Midwest 5.01 South 7.23 West 5.03 An analysis of var

Factorial Analysis of Variance

** Please see the attached files for the complete problem description ** Please see attached problem with formulas. An experiment was designed to test the relative effectiveness of a computer-taught method of instruction compared with a conventional lecture method. Two samples of three subjects each were selected from among

ANOVA calculation for statistics

An ANOVA calculation for mean value of HDL cholesterol between three groups of runners based on the following table: Source df Sum of squares MS F Between 2 598.933 299.46 13.8 Within

ANOVA: Excercise Programs

10. The data below show the weight loss for people in three different exercise programs. At the 1% significance level, does a significant difference exist in the true mean weight loss produced by the three exercise programs? (Use the space provided below to test the hypothesis that there is no difference in the three exercise p

Statistics: difference in the mean waiting time, ANOVA table, mean weight loss

1. Grand Strand Family Medical Center is specifically set up to treat minor medical emergencies for visitors to the Myrtle Beach area. There are two facilities, one in the Little River area and the other in Murrels Inlet. The quality assurance department wishes to compare the mean waiting time for patients at the two locations

ANOVA: 4 Statistics problems

1. For the samples summarized below, test the hypothesis at =.05 that the two variances are equal. Variance Number of data values Sample 1 25 9 Sample 2 9

ANOVA: Educating Elementary Aged Children in Math

See the attached data file. The post hoc tests discussed in our text book (Discovering Statistics Using SPSS by Andy Fields) include, Tukey, Bonferroni, Hochberg's GT2 and Games Howell. The file contains a dataset of a researcher interested in finding the best way to educate elementary age children in mathematics. In part

One Way ANOVA: Free Throw Contest

One Way ANOVA Use these parameters to guide me through the steps in solving this problem using one way Anova. Recently I saw that there was a free throw contest involving 70 people between A, B, and C groups to see who can make the most baskets in one minute. This took place in 7 groups of ten and the scores of the contest

Exploratory data analysis on SystolicBP and DiastolicBP variables, graphs for systolic and diastolic pressure, and ANOVA for the comparison of the three groups (i.e., 1=home, 2=in a doctor's office, and 3=in a classroom setting).

Use the data file to determine whether you find support for the existence of white coat syndrome. In this study, 60 participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups. The 'settings' variable indicates the location in which the participant's blood pressure was recorded: 1=home, 2=in a doctor's office, and 3=in a classroo

ANOVA Test: Difference in Means

The percentage of quarterly changes in the Gross Domestic Product for 20 countries are available at the following site: http// Select Statistics, National Accounts, Quarterly National Accounts, and select Quarterly Growth Rates of GDP at Constant Price for OECD countries. Copy the data for Germany, Japan and the

Statistics: Article comparing two yeast extracts: baker's yeast and brewer's yeast

An article was published on a comparison of two yeast extracts, baker's yeast and brewer's yeast. Brewer's yeast is a surplus by-product obtained from a brewery, hence it is less expensive than primary-grown baker's yeast. Samples of both yeast extracts were prepared at four different temperatures (45, 48, 51, and 54 degrees C

Simple Statistics Problem for mutual fund performance

Mutual funds are classified as large-cap funds, medium cap funds, or small-cap funds, depending ont eh capitalizaiton of the companies in the fund. Hawaii Pacific University Researchers S. Shi and M. Seiler investigated whether the averge performance of a mutual fund is related to capitalizaiton size. (American Business Review

Investigating Market Techniques: ANOVA Tables

Also, see attached file. A manager at LLD Records is investigating the company's market research techniques. She learns that much of the market research of college students is done during promotions on college campuses. She also learns that there are other methods of performing market research (for instance, over the phone, i

ANOVA Test for Participants in Certification Exam

See attached data file. 4. Do participants of different classifications (professional, paraprofessional, and nonprofessional) perform differently on the certification exam? Which group performs best? Professional Paraprofessional Nonprofessional Compare or see if they perform differently on the certification exam

Degrees of Freedom and Critical value; ANOVA table

See attached file for clarity. Can you explain what are the degrees of freedom on this example . (Is it 87 or 89?) and how do I get critical value? One factor ANOVA Mean n Std. Dev 5.9 30 1.90 Text message 6.4 30 1.45 Internet 5.2 30 1.58 E-mail 5.8 90 1.71 Total AN

ANOVA Table: Test for significant difference in means of three assembly methods

Three different methods for assembling a product were proposed by an industrial engineer. To investigate the number of units assembled correctly with each method, 30 employees were randomly selected and randomly assigned to the three proposed methods in such a way that each method was used by 10 workers. The number of units asse

Hypothesis Testing Procedure: Two-Way ANOVA

A consumer research group is investigating performance claims from four different detergents. The following "whiteness" readings were obtained with specifically designed equipment for 12 loads of washing distributed over three different models of washing machine. Use the five step hypothesis testing procedure to determine if the

Statistics: Calculate the two-way ANOVA using the data given

See attached file. Calculate a two-way ANOVA for the following situation. Suppose you are a school psychologist in a classroom setting and you want to find the effect that five teaching styles have on three types of learning activities with respect to knowledge gained. Answer the following questions: What are the independ

Hypothesis Testing - Mean, Proportion & ANOVA

10.9 A problem with a telephone line that prevents a customer from receiving or making calls is disconcerting to both the customer and the telephone company. The file contains samples of 20 problems reported to two dif-ferent offices of a telephone company and the time to clear these problems ( in minutes) from the customers' li

A student team in a business statistics course performed a factorial experiment.

A student team in a business statistics course performed a factorial experiment to investigate the time required for pain relief tablets to dissolve in a glass of water. The two factors of interest were brand name Equate, Kroger or Alka -Seltzer, and temperature of the water hot or cold. The experiment consisted of four replicat

Design an imaginary study using T-test or ANOVA

Design an imaginary study that has an experimental or quasi-experimental design that used or would use t-tests or ANOVAs in the data analysis. What is the null hypothesis? What is the level of significance in your experiment and what was learned because the analysis of the data showed that the divergence from the null hypothesis

Test level of significance that not all mean times for pain relief are equal

Three different brands of pain relief medication are available for minor aches and pains. It is of interest to know whether the mean time to relieve the pain differs from brand to brand. To find out, twelve individuals with minor aches and pains were randomly assigned to one of the three brands. The time to relieve the pain (

SPSS Statistics: Conduct tests of data for USA compared to Zimbabwe

See attached data files. Mosley Section One: Inspect the two datasets (USA is being compared with Zimbabwe) Select the appropriate analyses for the hypotheses below. Run descriptive statistics on the dataset. Discuss which descriptive statistics used and why. H1: There is a difference in income based on location

ANOVA comparing average income at three levels of education

See attached data file. Question a: A random sample of 30 executives from companies with assets over $1 million was selected and asked for their annual income and level of education. The ANOVA comparing the average income among three levels of education rejected the null hypothesis. The Mean Square Error (MSE) was 243.7. The

Statistics: Multiple regression equation and ANOVA

Please help with the following problem See attached data file. Question 7: If there are four independent variables in a multiple regression equation, there are also four Choose the right answer: a. Y-intercepts. b. regression coefficients. c. dependent variables. d. constant terms. Question 8: A manager at a lo