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Analysis of Variance

Design an imaginary study using T-test or ANOVA

Design an imaginary study that has an experimental or quasi-experimental design that used or would use t-tests or ANOVAs in the data analysis. What is the null hypothesis? What is the level of significance in your experiment and what was learned because the analysis of the data showed that the divergence from the null hypothesis

Test level of significance that not all mean times for pain relief are equal

Three different brands of pain relief medication are available for minor aches and pains. It is of interest to know whether the mean time to relieve the pain differs from brand to brand. To find out, twelve individuals with minor aches and pains were randomly assigned to one of the three brands. The time to relieve the pain (

ANOVA: Sum of Squares

Please show the work. The following data represent the results from an independent-measures study comparing three treatments. a. Compute SS for the set of 3 treatment means. (Use the three means as a set of n = 3 scores and compute SS.) b. Using the result from part a, compute n(SSmeans). Note that this value is equ

SPSS Statistics: Conduct tests of data for USA compared to Zimbabwe

See attached data files. Mosley Section One: Inspect the two datasets (USA is being compared with Zimbabwe) Select the appropriate analyses for the hypotheses below. Run descriptive statistics on the dataset. Discuss which descriptive statistics used and why. H1: There is a difference in income based on location

ANOVA comparing average income at three levels of education

See attached data file. Question a: A random sample of 30 executives from companies with assets over $1 million was selected and asked for their annual income and level of education. The ANOVA comparing the average income among three levels of education rejected the null hypothesis. The Mean Square Error (MSE) was 243.7. The

Analysis of Variance table for three treatments

See attached data file. Given the following Analysis of Variance table for three treatments each with six observations. What are the degrees of freedom for the numerator and denominator? Choose the right answer: a. 3 and 18 b. 2 and 17 c. 3 and 15 d. 2 and 15

What is the mean square for treatments

See attachment for data: Given the following Analysis of Variance table for three treatments each with six observations. What is the mean square for treatments? Choose the right answer: a. 71.2 b. 71.4 c. 558 d. 534

Stats: Non parametric test / Anova

Question a: This nonparametric test requires at least ordinal level data. Its purpose is to find out if there is any difference between two sets of related observations and it is used if the assumptions required for the paired t test cannot be met. Which test is it? Choose the right answer: a. Students' t b. ANOVA c. R

Statistics: Multiple regression equation and ANOVA

Please help with the following problem See attached data file. Question 7: If there are four independent variables in a multiple regression equation, there are also four Choose the right answer: a. Y-intercepts. b. regression coefficients. c. dependent variables. d. constant terms. Question 8: A manager at a lo

Difference in days worked by employees in three departments

Problem 11.22-answer the Research Question using ANOVA. 11.22 The XYZ Corporation is interested in possible differences in days worked by salaried employees in three departments in the financial area. A survey of 23 randomly chosen employees reveals the data shown below. Because of the casual sampling methodology in this surv

ANOVA and Regression Analysis

1. ANOVA: Please review EXCEL DATA tab and DATA NOTES. Three columns from that dataset are of interest to us now: total admissions, region and control. Admissions are the number of patients admitted in a year, region is the geographical location of the hospital (see tabulation below) and control is the type of ownership of th

Complete a one-way ANOVA of the pathogen data

See attached files. Please explain what ANOVA is in layman's terms, and also give me a worked answer to the question. Use excel to complete a one-way ANOVA of the pathogen data supplied. Use this information to complete the tables below. Groups Count Sum Average Variance Campylobacter 18 Cryptosporidium 18

Statistics questions 12, 16, 18, chapter 13

12. A researcher reports an F-ratio with df = 3, 36 from an independent-measures research study. a. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study? b. What was the total number of participants in the study? 16. A pharmaceutical company has developed a drug that is expected to reduce hunger. To test the drug,

One ANOVA in Minitab

See attached data files. The objective is to justify, if possible, the combining of the assay data for each time point into one large data set for the assay. I would like to show that none of the assays selected from any time point show a significant difference, at the 95% leveli.e. the assay results are independent of time o

Statistics: ANOVA, Relationships, and Regression

Please see file attached. Obtain bivariate data from the Excel spreadsheet - Determine which is the independent and which is the dependent variable. - Create a scatter diagram. - Determine the coefficient of correlation and interpret. - Determine the equation of the regression line and explain. - Interpret each value i

Effect of Reward&Punishment on Employee Communication

14 You are interested in the effect of reward VS punishment on your communications with your employees. To test the effect you setup a study, which analyzes how this effects communication. You divide employees into groups and test their knowledge of recent communications. The results follow: Table 1: Summary of the A

Discuss which analysis of variance should be applied

Discuss which analysis of variance should be applied when an experiment has more than one independent variable. Discuss the assumptions and limitations of the analysis of variance in comparison with the t test including a discussion of post hoc tests.

Analysis of Variance

1. In a completely randomized design, seven experimental units were used for each of the five levels of the factor. Complete the following ANOVA table: Source of variation sum of squares degrees of freedom mean square f p value Treatments 300 Error Total

ANOVA Analysis

Katie is studying aggression among adolescent girls. She believes that there is a relationship between the level of interaction a girl has with her mother and her level of aggression. She has identified 5 girls who fall into each of 4 interaction levels and has measured their aggression scores. Her data are given below. No In

Nurse ethics tests. Is it one-way, two-way, or repetitive

Is it a one-way, two-way, or repetitive problem? 3. A nurse educator desires to know if equivalent forms of a test produce equal results. The following data was collected on nurse ethics tests. A B C D 78 71 73 81 84 69 61 77 65 77 79 88 89 82 68 91 72 85 67 90 55 88 77 83 68 70 72 85 73 79 83 87 71 91 80 93 76

Think of a question that can be tested using ANOVA

ANOVA can be very ueful tool and is one of the more powerful statistical techniques. Think up a question that one might encounter at his or her workplace or elsewhere that would be amenable to testing via ANOVA. One should actually run the analysis, including how you might get the data, sampling issues, etc.

Analysis of Variance: Is the number of cylinders related to gas milegae

See attached file for clarity. Analysis of Variance My brother is interested in buying a car, but knows very little about them. He has gone to a used car dealership and looked at cars. His one criteria is that the car gets good gas mileage. The car salesman tells him that the number of cylinders in a car has nothing to do

Howell data set in SPSS: Using selected variables, perform an ANOVA test

See attached data set file. Open the Howell data set in SPSS. Using hypothesis testing (Statistics used for behavioral science), select any appropriate independent variable with three (3) or more levels and any appropriate dependent variable from the Howell data set. Using the variables you selected, perform an ANOVA (Anal