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Analysis of Variance

Statistics ANOVA: lumen output of 3 brands of light bulbs

To compare lumen output of 3 different brands of light bulbs, 8 light bulbs of each brand were randomly selected and tested. The sums of squares were computed as SSTr = 591.2, SST =5364.5. (a) State the null and alternative hypotheses for the ANOVA (include definitions of parameters). What assumptions do we need to proceed w

Statistics: 3 chain stores, 3 divisions earnings, one-way ANOVA

1. The following data show samples of three chain stores in three different locations in one town and the amount of dollars spent per customer per visit. Management wishes to test whether each shopper is spending an equal amount of money at each store. Store A Store B Store C 35 12

Statistics: Solving an ANOVA

For the time being, the air traffic control system in the United States is run by the federal government. Some people would like to change this, arguing that the air traffic control system should be part of the private sector. Among the arguments given for the privatization of air traffic control is that flight delays are

Statistics ANOVA Problems: One-way and two-way in SPSS

See attached files. Complete the following exercises Be sure to save your output and export it to your Word document, in which you also must answer the analysis questions and present your results section as indicated: Exercises 1-3 on p. 191, One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) Exercises 5-8 on p. 208, Two-way ANOVA


I need help answering these questions. 10) For a sample size of 1, the sampling distribution of the mean will be normally distributed A. Regardless of the shape of the population. B. Only if the population values are larger than 30. C. Only if the shape of the population is positively skewed. D. Only if t

Summarize a Research Article on Job Satisfaction and ANOVA Analysis

Details: Each team member will provide research on Job Satisfaction. Use the Business Source Premier Database and/or the ABI Inform Global Database in the Library and write up a report on the topic. The article you choose should include the terms Job Satisfaction AND ANOVA, or Job Satisfaction AND One-Way ANOVA. Each team

ANOVA:Interpretation of Table and Analysis, Calculation of Degrees of Freedom, Sum of Squares for Treatment (SST), Sum of Squares for Error (SSE), Mean Square for Treatment (MST), Mean Square for Error (MSE) and Fischer LSD Test

Question1: The manager of a small company is interested in increasing the French language literacy of his employees. Three different training programmes were investigated, and as a result of these investigations, the manager sent 15 randomly selected employees to each of the three different training programmes (X, Y and Z). At

ANOVA -volatility for sector stocks over a period of time

Samples are shown of volatility (coefficient of variation) for sector stocks over a certain period of time. (a) At α = .05, is there a difference in median volatility in these four portfolios? Use Mega-Stat, MINITAB, or a similar computer package for the calculations. (b) Use one-factor ANOVA to compare the means. D

background for ANOVAs and t-tests

Can you help me answer these questions What is the theory underlying ANOVA? Why is it important? What are the differences between a two sample t-test and ANOVA hypothesis testing? Why do we use nonparametric tests? Describe a psychological research situation or scenario that would use a nonparametric test. Why would t

One-Way Analysis: Samples of 3 Chain Stores Sales per Customer

The following data show samples of three chain stores in three different locations in one town and the amount of dollars spent per customer per visit. Management wishes to test whether each shopper is spending an equal amount of money at each store. Store A Store B Store C 3 1

ANOVA Table to Analyze Lighting Level Example

Pharmacy, Inc. operates a regional chain of 120 pharmacies. Each pharmacy's floor plan includes a greeting card department that is relatively isolated. Marketing Manager, feels that the level of lighting in the greeting card department may affect sales in that department. She chooses three levels of lighting (soft, medium, and b

ANOVA: Average duration of four brands of car batteries

2- A consumer agency seeks to examine whether the average duration of four brands of car batteries that have similar prices, are equal. The agency randomly select a few batteries of each brand and tested. The following table gives the averages of car batteries in thousands of hours BRAND A BRAND B BRAND C BRAND D

Analysis of Variance and ANOVA

Hello. I managed to do all my other questions but I can't figure these six out. They are not fully explained in the book and I can't figure it out by searching for help online. I've worked on these specific problems ALL yesterday day and then most of today and just can't figure them out! I need step-by-step solutions and the ans

Analysis of variance for ATM data

Refer to the Century National Bank data. Using checking account balance as the dependent variable and using as independent variables the number of ATM transactions, the number of other services used, whether the individual has a debit card, and whether interest is paid on the particular account, write a report indicating which o

Statistics problems

Hello. I have finished all of my homework except for these two questions. I need step-by-step solutions for these two problems, so that I can do the other questions like them in future homework assignments. I have erased all of the questions on here and I am attaching a file which has the questions on it. 1) An experimenter h

Statistics: Psychologist test effects of a new drug on activity level of animals.

See the attachment. A psychologist would like to examine the effects of a new drug on the activity level of animals. Three samples of rats are selected with n = 5 in each sample. One group gets no drug, one group gets a small dose, and the third group gets a large dose. The psychologist records the activity level for each ani


The following table is given in an ANOVA test: Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3 9 13 10 7 20 9 11 14 15 9 13 14 12 15 10 The level of significance is 0.05. Answer only the following three parts. a. How many degrees of freedom are there in the numerator? b. How many degrees of freedom are there in the

Grouping Variables Regarding Job Security, ANOVA, Post-Hoc Test

See the attached files. 1. The grouping variables are the questions regarding job security. You are testing to see if there is a mean difference of drinking behavior by their perceptions on job security. 2. The methodology and description of variables sections need to be redone. What kind two can you do with this data?

ANOVA questions between groups

1. If F(4,48) = 2.51, is it significant at the .05 level? .01 level? What is the total sample size? Note that F(4, 48) refers to the two different degrees of freedom for this F test. 1. 2. Study the ANOVA summary table below and provide the missing information for the cells designated a-e. 2. Source Sum of Squares df Mean


4. Choose a variable and collect data for at least three different groups (samples). Compare the means of the three groups using the one-way ANOVA technique. Complete the following: (16 pts) 1. Write a brief statement of purpose of the study 2. Define the population 3. State how the sample was selected 4. What a value di

Hypothesis Testing:ANOVA and Variance

#1 In a drug firm, the variation in the weight of an antibiotic from batch to batch is important. With our present process, the standard deviation is 0.11 g. The research department has developed a new process that it believes will produce less variation. The following weight measurements (in grams) were obtained with

Testing hypotheses using two-way ANOVA.

I am having a difficult time with testing the hypothesis within the data. I am able to create the two way anova table for this, however I think I am having difficulties interpreting the information from it. See Word file for questions. ? Test the hypotheses about significance of Cover main effect with 95% confidence. Rem

Statistics - ANOVA on an Experimental Data

In this experiment we are attempting to decontaminate an aerosol sampling device. Three devices are sterilized and then collect samples of air contaminated with bacteria. Different methods of decontaminating them are then attempted. This is one of the goals of the experiment, to see if one method is superior to the other. The


The director for training at a company that manufactures electronic equipment is interested in determining whether different training methods have an effect on the productivity of assembly line employees. One of his employees who is tasked with testing this assumption randomly assigns 42 recently hired employees into two groups