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Analysis of Variance

One-way ANOVA F-test, & Chi-Square test examples

ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), One-way ANOVA F-test, & Chi-Square test Q1: What are some real life examples of the use of Chi-Square tests using contingency tables? Q2: Why is a test, which is testing significant differences among means called Analysis of Variance? Q3: Why might a non-parametric test be used, in plac

Calculation of Number of Treatment Conditions

A published report of a repeated-measures research study includes the following description of the statistical analysis. The results show significant differences among the treatment conditions. f(2,20)=6.10,p less than .01. A; How many treatment conditions were compared in the study? B: How many individuals participated in th

Two factor ANOVA: Degrees of Freedom

A researcher conducts an independent measures, two-factor study with two levels of factor A and four levels of factor B, using a sample of n=10 participants in each treatment condition. A. What are the df values for the f-ratio evaluating the main effect of factor A? B. What are the df values for the f-ratio evaluating the m

Using ANOVA for Managerial Decisions

Question 1- This week we are discussing two or more sample hypothesis testing. This includes knowing how to use an ANOVA for managerial decisions. Present a business example where you would use an ANOVA. State the hypothesis verbally and numerically. Question 2- Using the example provided in Question 1, explain your sample. H

ANOVA for bank survey of use by customers: teller, ATM or internet banking

A bank conducts a survey in which it randomly samples 400 of its customers. The survey asks the customers which way they use the bank the most (1) interacting with a teller at the bank, (2) using ATM's, or (3) using the bank's Internet banking service. It also asks their level of satisfaction with the service they most often u

ANOVA table: How many treatments; total sample size, critical value, hypotheses

The following is a partial ANOVA table. Source............Sum of Squares........df........Mean Square.........F Treatment..................A.....................2.................A....................A Error..........................A.....................A.................20..................A Total........................

ANOVA Analysis: Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company has developed a drug that is expected to reduce hunger. To test the drug, three samples of rats are selected with n=10 in each sample. The first sample receives the drug everyday. The second sample is given the drug once a week, and the third sample receives no drug at all. The dependent variable is the

ANOVA for real estate data.

See attached data file. One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper - Real Estate Describe the results of a hypothesis test of one population mean or population proportion. Team B Bank wants to open a branch in one of the townships based on best price per square footage. They want a test run to see where their best option is.

One way & Two way ANOVA

1. Two aptitude tests are currently being used to screen applicants for a certain position within a company. The question arose as to whether the two tests are comparable, i.e., whether they yield the same results. Six applicants were selected at random to take both tests (in a random order). The following scores were recorded:

I need help with filling out the Anova table

We have two drugs for the control of depression. Both are effective. However, we want to determine whether the motor-perceptual coordination of subjects under the effects of these drugs is not significantly affected. The researcher selects a sample of 30 participants and divides it randomly into three groups: one

Data Analysis, Idependent and Dependent Variables

A researcher looks at the effect of 3 different drugs on 3 different groups of 10 people. Numbers refer to stress levels, with lower numbers being lower stress. Drug 1 Before After 25 18 23 20 27 19 27 22 21 17 30 18 22 15 20 19 25 17 29 20 Drug 2 Before After 26 2

Estimation and Analysis Variance home work Chapter 12 & 13

The following problems need to be worked and show work. If you report the output please, if not, just give solution to problems. OTA106049 4. A researcher has constructed an 80% confidence interval of ... a. What would happen to the width of the interval if the researcher had used a larger sample size? (Assume other factors ar

Missing Terms in an ANOVA Table

The following summary table presents the results from an ANOVA comparing three treatment conditions with n = 12 participants in each condition. Complete all missing values. (Hint: Start with the df column). Source SS df MS Between Treatments ___ ____ 9

One Way ANOVA Analysis for a Real World Situation

ANOVA Analysis Please provide detailed information and answer each instance. Bring to mind a real-world situation or problem that could be addressed using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). For this situation or problem: 1. Clearly identify the independent and dependent variables you would study, including the n

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

The following data are from an experiment comparing three conditions with a separate sample of n = 4 in each treatment. a. Use an ANOVA with ? = .05 to determine whether there are any significant difference among the three treatments. b. Compute ?2 foe these data. Treatment __________________________________

Use SPSS and the Howell Data set for t-test, ANOVA

These will require using SPSS. The Howell Data set is attached: 1. Open the Howell data set in SPSS. Using the hypothesis testing procedure select any appropriate independent and any appropriate dependent variable from the Howell data set. Using the variables perform an independent-samples t test in SPSS, and generate syntax

Regression analysis based on dummy variables

15) Consider the Midcity Pricing Structure case we discussed. We would like to study how the selling price of properties varies by neighborhood (recall that there were three neighborhoods). As such, the output from doing an ANOVA on the data set with respect to neighborhood yields the following: ANOVA Summary Total Sa

Hypothesis Testing: Analysis of Variance Example Problems

I need to know how to calculate this by using TI84 or minitab: A study was conducted in which a random sample of 24 HS students was asked to give their grade point average (GPA). The block design below shows the GPAs of male and female and students from four different age groups. Use technology tool and the block design to

Analysis of Variance: First-born children develop language skills faster

Solve for the following problem as well as write the results and present it as well as you would do for publication. Present any revelant data in SPSS. First-born children tend to develop language skills faster than their younger siblings. One possible explanation for this phenomenon is that first-borns have undivided attenti

Market Analyst

A marketing analyst for a major shoe manufacturer is considering the development of a new brand of running shoes. The marketing analyst wants to determine which variables can be used in predicting durability (or effect of long-term impact). Two independent variables are to be considered, X1 (FOREIMP), a measurement of the forefo

ANOVA Analysis for Machine Breakdowns

Given the following number of hours between breakdowns for 4 machines, are the machines significantly different? If so, how are they different? Which machine is the best? Which machine is the worst? You are to perform a thorough and complete analysis of the data. Use alpha = .05 for all tests. Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3 M

One-Way ANOVA Sample

Samples of pages were randomly selected from the same three books. The mean number of words per sentence was computed for each page, and the analysis of variance results from Minitab are attached. Using a 0.05 significance level, test the claim that the three books have the same mean number of words per sentence. (i) H0:

One-Way Anova: Analysis of variance in Skull breadth

See the attached data file. Please see attached data. Given that the three sample means are 132.7, 134.4, and 138.1, can we use analysis of variance to conclude that the mean skull breadth from 150 AD is different from the means in 400 BC and 1850 BC? Why or why not? (i) [Answer the first question.] (ii) [Answer the sec

ANOVA, Regression Analysis and Correlation Hypothesis Test

Question 1 [Refer to the file Q1.xls for the data] a) Test the null hypothesis that six samples of word counts for males (columns 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) are from populations with the same mean. Print the results and write a brief summary of your calculations b) Test the null hypothesis that the six samples of word counts fo

ANOVA: Difference in any of the population means

You have 3 groups that you are trying to find if there is a difference in any of the population means. In each group there are 5 observations. The given level of significance is an alpha of .05. Your MSA is 5,500 and your MSW is 1,000. Will you reject your null hypothesis that all population means are equal or will you not rejec

One-Way ANOVA for amount of greenhouse gas emissions in three sizes of engines

Car Emissions: Listed below are measured amounts of greenhouse gas emissions from cars in three different categories. The measurements are in tons per year, expressed as CO2 equivalents. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the different car categories have the same mean amount of greenhouse gas emissions. 4-

Femur injury in a car crash: One-way Anova

#12, 641 Femur Injury in a Car Crash - Listed below are head injury data from crash test dummies. These measurements are in hic, which denotes a standard head injury criterion. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the null hypothesis that the different car categories have the same mean. Small Cars: 290, 406, 371, 544, 37