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Analysis of Variance


You are the production manager of the Perfect Parachute Company. Parachutes are woven in your factory using a synthetic fiber purchased from one of four different suppliers. The most important outcome for parachutes is strength of the fabric. You must decide whether the synthetic fibers from your four suppliers result in parachu

Explain an ANOVA test and it's usefulness with four examples

Describe when and how an ANOVA test is useful. Give examples using any industry: Petroleum Exploration, Mineral Exploration, Manufacturing bull dozers or heavy equipment, Timber harvesting company/mill, commercial fishing, tourism, are prefered, but not necassary. Only 4 examples are needed Please identify as best as po

Statistical analysis of variance tests and quality of group means

"Discounts and Sales" Analysis of variance tests the equality of group means simultaneously. If you reject the null hypothesis and infer that the group means are not equal, you still cannot say which particular means are not equal and which ones are. Additional tests are needed. Question Test the hypothesis that th

Analysis of variance problems

ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE (ANOVA) NOTES The F Distribution and it is also applied when we want to compare several population means simultaneously. The simultaneous comparison of several population means is called analysis of variance (ANOVA). The populations must be normal, and the data must be at least interval-scale. What are th

I need help with this please

Week 3 Concepts and Formulas PLUS WEEK THREE SUPERSTATS In moving forward this week, we are examining the analysis of multi-populations. Specifically we are examining 2 populations and more than 2 populations. The populations we are examining this week are illustrated as: 1. Un-paired populations (Group A versus Gro


A member of the management team at Widgecorp asks if an ANOVA test would be useful for any of the statistics you've produced to date. Explain when an ANOVA test is useful. (You can find a description in the Presentation Resource for this Phase). Support your contention with three examples from your experience at other organizati

Calculation of F test from ANOVA

Article about UK Supermarket Employees: The hypothesis is whether or not Age, Work Experience, or Gender has more of an effect on job satisfaction. We have to come up with a null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis and do an ANOVA test to determine. The following are needed: Null Hypothesis Alternative Hypothesis Signi

Analyze Anova for Test Scores

Not sure how to set this up, or how to calculate Anova analysis. The team wants to investigate whether or not test scores are significantly related to to different teaching styles including a) lecture style, b) group learning, c) self directed and d) distance learning. 1. Use the data provided to conduct


The ANOVA summary table below is the result of a regression of sales on year of sales. Is the relationship statistically significant at .05? Comment. Source of Variation Sum of Square d.f. Mean Square F-Value Explained by regression 605,370,750 1 605,370,750 3.12 Unexplained by regression 1,551

Regression analysis of employees

In the following regression, x=weekly pay, Y= income tax with held, and n=35 Mc Donald's employees. A. writes the fitted regression equation. B. state the degrees of freedom for a two-tailed test for zero slope, and use to find the critical value at a =.05. C. what is your conclusion about the slope? D. Interpret the 95 pe

Statistics: ANOVA, F-ratio, t-test, etc.

1) Describe the similarities between an F-ratio and a t statistic? 2) Explain why you should use ANOVA (analysis of variance) instead of several t tests to evaluate mean differences when an experiment consists of three or more treatment conditions. 3) A research study comparing three treatment conditions produced means of

ANOVA problem for difference in the price

A consumer organization wants to know whether there is a difference in the price of a particular toy at three different types of stores.The price of the toy was checked in a sample of five discount stores, five variety stores, and five department stores. The results are shown below. Use the .05 significance level. Discount Va

I need help performing ANOVA in Megastat or Minitab

Instructions: For each data set: (a) State the hypotheses. (b) Use Excel's Tools > Data Analysis (or MegaStat or MINITAB) to perform the two-factor ANOVA with replication, using α = .05. (c) State your conclusions about the main effects and interaction effects. (d) Interpret the p-values carefully. (e) Create interaction pl

Most useful estimator for dependent variables

Most of these should be answered in 1?3 sentences. 1. There are three uses for statistics. One of them is lying. What are the two legitimate fundamental uses for statistics. 2. Why is the mean the most useful estimator for a set of dependent variables? 3. What is the averaged Sum of Squares for a set of dependent vari

Using ANOVA to Evaluate the Mean Difference

The following data were collected from a repeated-measures study. Use an ANOVA with an alpha = .05 to evaluate the mean difference between treatments. Treatment A B 2 6 2 6 G = 28 4

ANOVA, Freedom For Method, Error and Total

1. In a one-way ANOVA, there are three treatments with n1 = 6, n2 = 6 and n3 = 5. The rejection region for this test at the 5% level of significance is: A. F > 4.86 B. F > 3.74 C. F > 4.97 D. F > 3.81 2. The following data show samples of three chain stores in three different locations in one town and the amount of doll

ANOVA: Mean Squares and the Common Population Variance

ANOVA: Mean squares and the common population variance At LLD Records, some of the market research of college students is done during promotions on college campuses, while other market research of college students is done through anonymous mail, phone, internet, and record store questionnaires. In all cases, for each new CD th

Analysis of variance: management

Emma's On-the-Go, a large convenience store, has to decide where in the store to put its magazine rack. The manager at Emma's experiments with a selection of different locations, choosing a sample of days at each location. Each day, the manager records the amount of money brought in from the sale of magazines. It's possible t

Statistical Study Proposals: ANOVA

For the following questions, decide whether the statement makes sense (or is clearly true) or does not make sense (or is clearly false). Explain clearly. Not all of these statements have definitive answers, so your explanation is more important than your chosen answer. A. In a test for equality of the mean ages of audience

Analysis of variance .

Please answer the following question in detail. I would like to understand how you arrived at your conclusion. A random sample of 40 women in partitioned into 3 categories with ages of below 20, 20 through 40, and over 40. The analysis of variance results obtained from SPPS are shown below: Source Treatments SS

ANOVA: Horses Running a Simulated Race

The owner of Happy Horses Farm owns four young race horses and wants to select the fastest to run in the Kentucky Derby. He designates three jockeys to ride the horses on four similar tracks at his large farm. Below are the times in seconds for riders and horses to run a simulated race. Horse 1 Horse 2

True or False on ANOVA Tests

TRUE OR FALSE? 1. More variation should be expected between larger samples, which is apparent by the chi-square distribution. 2. A test of independence can be used to determine a cause-and-effect link between the variables being studied. 3. Using the F distribution for a one-way ANOVA, the degrees of freedom for the denominat

What statistical test to use and assigning samples?

Compare the effectiveness of three methods of teaching (IV). You plan to administer a standardized test (DV measured on an interval scale measuring knowledge acquisition) to the students in three classes with each class using a different teaching method. What statistical test could I use and why? What is the best method

Five Step Hypothesis Test for two ANOVA for real estate data.

When purchasing real estate a buyer may have a number of important features they need in a home. Total square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, attic or basement may be requirements when purchasing a home. A real estate agent collects information from surrounding home sales and compares features to price homes according to

Repeated ANOVA in SPSS.

#1. In a study of brain protein PG3X, 12 patients are tested twice each day for 3 days to measure levels of PG3X. The scores below indicate levels of this protein. D1t1 D1t2 D2t1 D2t2 D3t1 D3t2 1) 42.00 58.00 47.00 68.00 46.00 63.00 2) 37.00 43.00 47.00 73.00 52.00 63.00 3) 32.00 58.00 27.00

Perform a Two Population Hypothesis Test

Give a work example and perform a hypothetical 2 population hypothesis test. Discuss an application of ANOVA that might be undertaken in your workplace. What are the 3 or more treatments? What is the response variable? Create a scenario and do a hypothesis testing example for ANOVA. Give the result and explain what it m

ANOVA for sales data

Citrus Clean is a new all-purpose cleaner being test-marketed by placing displays in three different locations within various supermarkets. The number of 12-ounce bottles sold from each location within the super market is report below. Near Bread 18 14 19 17 Near Beer 12 18 10 16 Near Other Cleaners 26 28 30 32 At the .

ANOVA: The Effect of Age on Heart Rate

An experiment was conducted to examine the effect of age on heart rate when an individual is subjected to a specific amount of exercise. Ten male subjects were randomly selected from four age groups: 10-19, 20-39, 40-59, and 60-69. Each subject walked a treadmill at a fixed grade for a period of 12 minutes and the increases in

Statistics problem

1. Assume that the conclusion from an ANOVA is that the null hypothesis is rejected, in other words that the 9 population means (from equal sized samples) are not all equal. What should we expect? 2. Assume that the conclusion from an ANOVA is that the null hypothesis is rejected, in other words that the 6 population means

Anova Table interpretation

A research organization tested microwave ovens. At alpha=.10, is there a significant difference in the average price of the three types of ovens? The data and an ANOVA table are shown below. Based on the ANOVA table is the null hypothesis of equal price rejected or not rejected? On what did you base your decision? Be sure to jus