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ANOVA in a Spreadsheet

How would I put it in to a spreadsheet to test the data?

An experiment is set up where we have an independent variable (IV). This is something that we would manipulate. We then observe the outcome of the manipulation, and see if there are any changes in behavior. This would be called the dependent variable (DV). We only have one IV in an experiment. We want to try to control every other factor in the experiment to make it as clear as possible that there could be a link between IV and DV.

Now, once we have defined your IV and DV, we need to test it. What we would do is get a large group of people, and we would randomly assign them to one of 3 groups. One group would receive one level of the IV, the 2nd would receive a different level of the IV, and the other group would not receive anything (control group).

We then examine the behavior of the people in each group, and we then would use this data to see if there is any significant difference between the groups. If there is a difference, we can assume that the changes occurred because of the IV.

So, our IV would be: employees who are asked to work mandatory overtime.
Group 1 would be 5 days of overtime
Group 2 would be 10 days of over time
Group 3 would be no overtime

Our DV would be: Number of sick days they take.

So our experimental group would be forced to work mandatory overtime. The control group works at their normal pace.

During the experiment, the number of sick days that everyone takes is logged. At the end of the study period, we would tabulate the mean number of sick days that each group took.

Ha: the number of sick days employees take is identical amongst groups
ha: u1=u2=u2
Ho: The number of sick days is different amongst the groups
u1 ≠ u2≠ u3

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There are two ways to put the data in a spreadsheet.

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