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ANOVA & Normal Table

Use the following information for questions 1-3 (three treatments and a total of 15 observations) This information is necessary to complete your table.

Source of Variation Sum of Squares Degrees of Freedom

Between Treatments 64

Within Treatments 96

1. The number of degrees of freedom corresponding to between treatments is ?
2. The number of degrees of freedom corresponding to within treatments is ?
3. The mean square between treatments (MSB) is ?

Please explain and provide all calculations.

For 4 and 5 read the Z statistic from the normal distribution table

4. A two-tailed test at 86.12% confidence; Z =
5. A one-tailed test (lower tail) at 93.7% confidence; Z =
Please explain how you find out it on Table.

6. Given: n = 49 x = 54.8 s = 28 Ho: x = 50
Ha: x does not= 50

The standardized test statistic equals ?
Please explain and provide all calculation.

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