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    Analysis of Variance

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    ANOVA Model and Degrees of Freedom

    A professor of statistics at a large Midwestern university designed an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of four methods of online instruction: (1) providing students with a set of PowerPoint slides with no audio; (2) providing a slideshow of the PowerPoint slides with audio of the professor reading through the notes; (3)

    Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance

    The repeated-measures analysis of variance can be viewed as a two-stage process. What is the purpose for the second stage? Compare the repeated-measures analysis of variance with the regular ANOVA.

    One-Way Analysis of Variance with SPSS.

    One-Way Analysis of Variance with SPSS. o State the statistical assumptions of this test. o Given a data set, select an independent variable with two or more levels and a dependent variable. o Develop the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis for main effects. o Using SPSS, calculate an ANOVA. Include a post hoc t

    ANOVA and F-Value

    Given the attached data table, please answer the following: 1) What is the null hypothesis? 2) What is the computed F-Value? 3) The null hypothesis is to be tested at the 5% level of significance. The critical F-value is? 4) Should the null hypothesis be rejected?

    Sample Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation and Quartiles

    Problem 1: Calculating sample mean, sample variance and sample standard deviation 7 8 7 8 8 11 7 9 10 12 9 10 12 10 10 9 8 11 11 11 9 9 12 10 11 10 The table above gives the shoes sizes of 26 members of a football club. Tasks: - Enter the data into column A in an Excel sheet. Use the first rows for titles/description

    ANOVA Analysis Calculations

    A restaurant chain operation is interested in determining whether the mean per customer purchase differs by day of the week. To test this, they have selected random samples of customers. Using the information in the table above: Describe and give the formula for each of the following, which are used in performing the

    ANOVA, F Scores and Hypothesis Testing

    14. Foofy obtained a significant Fobt from an experiment with five levels. She therefore concludes that changing each condition of the independent variable. (a) Is she Correct? Why or why not? (b) What must she do now? 16. A report says that the between-subjects factor of participants' salary produced significant differences i

    ANOVA 3 treatments, Question 2

    A researcher conducts an experiment comparing three treatment conditions with a separate sample n = 8 in each treatment. An analysis of variance is used to evaluate the data, and the results of the ANOVA are presented in the table below. Complete all missing values in the table below. Source SS df MS F Between 12

    ANOVA Independent Measures Test

    The data attached are from an independent-measures experiment comparing three different treatment conditions. Use an analysis of variance with a significance level of .05 to determine whether these data indicate any significant differences among the treatments.

    Interaction & Analysis of Variance

    1. What is an interaction? Describe an example; what are the variables within your population (work, social, academic, etc.) for which you might expect interactions? 2. How would you explain the analysis of variance, assuming that your audience has not had a statistics class before?

    Analysis using One-Way ANOVA

    1) What is the difference between the means of employees' length of experience within their organizations and their decisions of staying or leaving their current job? 2) What is the difference between the means of employees' length of experience with their managers and their decisions of staying or leaving their current job? B

    Interpreting Statistics: ANOVA, Regression Analysis Etc.

    I have produced some fictitious data for a study. A group of 10 employees has rated each of four leadership models. The sample data is listed in the attached spreadsheet. I am requesting the following be done on the data: ANOVA, regression analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation, and scattergram(s). Then I must interpr

    Applying ANOVA: Significant Mean Differences

    The following data were obtained from an independent-measures research study comparing three treatment conditions. Use an ANOVA with ? = 0.05 to determine whether there are any significant mean differences among the treatments. Treatment I II III 2 5 7 N = 14 5 2 3

    A Two-Way ANOVA Summary Table

    A Two-Way ANOVA Summary Table is shown below. Source SS d.f. MS F Factor A 5.64 2 2.82 2.17 Factor B 9.98 2 4.99 3.84 Interaction AXB 7.38 4 1.85 1.42 Within (error) 35.10 27 1.3 total 58.11 35

    Using a Two-Way ANOVA

    Two types of outdoor paint, enamel and latex, were tested to see how long (in months) each lasted before it began to crack, flake, and peel. They were tested in four geographic locations in the US to study the effects of climate on the paint. At gamma = 0.01, analyze the data shown, using a two-way ANOVA shown below. Each group

    ANOVA using excel (step wise step)

    A researcher wishes to see whether there is any difference in the weight gains of athletes following one of three special diets. Athletes are randomly assigned to three groups and placed on the diet for 6 weeks. The weight gains (in pounds) are shown here. At gamma = 0.05, can the researcher conclude that there is a difference i

    One Factor ANOVA: Broccoli Intake

    Americans appear to be eating healthier. Between 1970 and 2007 the per capita consumption of broccoli increased 1000% from 0.5 to 5.5 pounds. A nutritionist followed a group of people randomly assigned to one of these three groups and noted their monthly broccoli intake (in pounds). At gamma = 0.05 is there a difference in means

    Using analysis of variance

    West Coast Bell System James Todd is the recently appointed director of employee benefits for West Coast Bell, a regional telephone system. The West Cost Bell medical benefits system insures over 60,000 employees and dependents. Over the last 5 years its medical costs have been increasing by over 20% annually. James knows th

    Two Way Analysis of Variance

    The effects of developer strength (factor A) and development time (factor B) on the density of photographic plate film were being studied. Two strengths and two development times were used, and four replicates in each of the four cells were evaluated. The results (with larger being best) are shown in the attached Excel document

    ANOVA and other ANOVA related questions

    The quality of Pinot Noir Wine is thought to be related to the properties of clarity, aroma, body, flavor and oakiness. Data for 41 wines are collected for quality of wines. Fitting the data with multiple linear regression model, we obtain the following partial ANOVA table based on the random sample: Source DF

    Hypothesis Testing multiple population

    Hypothesis Testing A teacher would like to use a new tutorial to teach the students about trade. As an experiment he randomly selected 18 students and randomly assigned them to one of three groups which include either a PowerPoint presentation created by the faculty, X Presentation created by the faculty, or a well-known t

    Analyzing with ANOVA

    The table depicts a two-way ANOVA in which gender has two groups (male and female), marital status has three groups (married, single never married, divorced), and the means refer to happiness scores (n = 100): What is/are the independent variable(s)? What is/are the dependent variable(s)? What would be an appropriate null

    Repeated-Measures ANOVA and MANOVA

    Describe a scenario related to the final project in which you would use repeated-measures ANOVA. Describe a scenario related to the final project in which you would use MANOVA. State what hypotheses you would be able to test with each of these two different analyses.

    Two Way ANOVA and Replication

    When running an analysis of variance (ANOVA): two-factor with replication (two-way test), you get a p-value for the interaction effect, indicating whether it is statistically significant. If it is significant, you should not try to interpret the main effects at all. Explain why this is the case, giving an example to illustrate y

    Two-Way ANOVA Table: Interpret the Results

    Two-Way ANOVAs The following is a 2-way ANOVA. Sex and Treatment Condition are your independent variables, and Post-Treatment Anxiety (RCMAS) is your dependent variable. Interpret the results from the sex X treatment condition ANOVA table. Make sure to report the results in the APA format and write one to two sentences in

    Creating and assessing a regression equation

    A sample of 30 computer hardware companies taken from Stock Investor Pro provided the data in the Excel sheet. This data included the price per share, book value per share, and the return on equity per share for each. 1. Develop an estimated regression equation that can be used to predict the price per share given the book va

    ANOVA and Post Hoc Test

    Conduct an ANOVA comparing the anxiety levels (at posttest only) of participants across all three treatment conditions: CBT, psychodynamic, and supportive therapy. Conduct a post hoc test if needed (see attachment).