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ANOVA and other ANOVA related questions

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The quality of Pinot Noir Wine is thought to be related to the properties of clarity, aroma, body, flavor and oakiness. Data for 41 wines are collected for quality of wines. Fitting the data with multiple linear regression model, we obtain the following partial ANOVA table based on the random sample:

Source DF SS MS F P
Regression 4 101.120
Total 40 134.788

a. Fill out the ANOVA table
b. What is response variable and explanatory variables?
c. Determine the value of R squared using the ANOVA table and explain the meaning.
d. what is tested by the F test? Please write out the null hypothesis.
e. Based on the ANOVA table, what kind of decision can you make? Explain your decision to people who do not know statistics.

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