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Hypothesis Testing multiple population (ANOVA)

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Hypothesis Testing

A teacher would like to use a new tutorial to teach the students about trade. As an experiment he randomly selected 18 students and randomly assigned them to one of three groups which include either a PowerPoint presentation created by the faculty, X Presentation created by the faculty, or a well-known tutorial by the Geenes Company. After completing their assigned tutorial, the students are given a trade test. At the .01 significance level, can she conclude that there is a difference between how well the different tutorials work for the students?

Below are the student's grades on the trade test after the tutorial:

PowerPoint Tutorial Geenes Tutorial ABC Tutorial
98 79 66
94 76 78
91 75 79
88 83 96
98 91 97
91 89

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of Hypothesis Testing for multiple population. In this solution, step-by-step explanation of this complicated topic provides students with a clear perspective of Hypothesis Testing for multiple populations.

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