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Complete a one-way ANOVA of the pathogen data

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Please explain what ANOVA is in layman's terms, and also give me a worked answer to the question.

Use excel to complete a one-way ANOVA of the pathogen data supplied. Use this information to complete the tables below.

Groups Count Sum Average Variance
Campylobacter 18
Cryptosporidium 18
E. coli 0157 18
Giardia 18
Salmonella 18

Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups
Within Groups


On the bottom half of this sheet plot the data as a single bar graph showing the mean (+/- 95% CL) number of cases of each pathogen over the years 1992 - 2009. Print and hand in this sheet (during class) once your work is complete.

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