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Job Satisfaction Report ANOVA

1. Provide a 2 page write-up of the research highlighting where statistical analysis is being used and why it's used. The paper should use the attached article and should include the terms Job Satisfaction AND ANOVA, or Job Satisfaction AND One-Way ANOVA.

2. Examine and work through as an ANOVA calculation. In this regard, remember the goal will be to work through an ANOVA test to compare the means of three or more groups of data. If the article does not have enough data to complete an ANOVA calculation, please feel free to create the data as needed and/or to use data from the data set provided. Remember to also ensure that you begin by stating the null and alternative hypotheses. Your final answer should point out if the null is confirmed or rejected and why.

Research Note
Sectorial Comparison of Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in Indian Banking Sector
By: Naval Bajpai and Deepak Srivastava
Singapore Management Review, Volume 26, No 2

The present study has been designed to examine the degree of job satisfaction of two public sector and two private sector banks in India. The banks were selected and from each organisation 25 subjects were selected randomly. A questionnaire developed by Sinha (1990) was used for ascer- taining the level of job satisfaction. Data were analysed employing one-way ANOVA. The means of four organisations were significantly different from one another. The result indicates that layoff threats, quick turnover, less welfare schemes, and less scope for vertical growth increase job dissatisfaction. On the other hand, secure job environment, welfare policies, and job stability increase the degree of job satisfaction.


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Job satisfaction report data is given. The solution analyzes this data using ANOVA calculations and explanations.