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ANOVA Test for Participants in Certification Exam

See attached data file.

4. Do participants of different classifications (professional, paraprofessional, and nonprofessional) perform differently on the certification exam? Which group performs best?


Compare or see if they perform differently on the certification exam

Which group performed the best
Test for any difference between the groups

Certification Exam
Sum of Squares df Mean Square F
Between Groups 1150.300 2 575.150 5.893 .
Within Groups 5563.350 57 97.603
Total 6713.650 59
Sig= .005.


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From the results of the ANOVA table we can arrive at the following conclusions.
1. The F-value of the ANOVA is 5.893 and the corresponding significance (p- value) is 0.005. Since the p-value is less than 0.05 we arrive at the conclusion that the calculated F value is significant at 5% level ...

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