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    Statistical Analysis - Background Music

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    A researcher had the idea that background music might enhance performance on a math test and that the effect of music might depend on whether an individual is a music lover or not. She selected 50 music lovers and 50 control participants who did not listen to music on a regular basis. Half of the participants from each group took the math test with background music and the remaining participants took the test without background music. The mean scores were, 62 (SS=25000) for the control participants without music, 53 (SS=23000) for the control participants with music, 48 (SS=22000) for the music lovers without music, and 77 (SS=26000) for the music lovers with music. Conduct an appropriate statistical anaylsis using alpha=0.05.

    Note: SS means sum squared.

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    It is case of two way anova. Following is the list of formulas. There are two factors
    1. Presence of music or not (M)
    2. Love for music or not(L)

    (see attached file for equations)

    Group No Love Love
    No Music 62 48
    Music 53 77

    Grand ...

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