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Two-Way ANOVAs: Interpret the results from the sex X treatment.

Two-Way ANOVAs

Interpret the results from the sex X treatment condition ANOVA table you are given. Make sure to report the results in the APA format and write one to two sentences interpreting the results (main effects and the interaction).

Factor df SS MS F p
Sex 1 8.00 8.00 0.96 0.399
Treatment 2 217.44 108.72 13.05 .033
Sex X Treatment 2 25.00 12.50 1.50 0.354.

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The important thing to look at in an output table like this is the p value (the last column). We typically test hypotheses with p set at .05, meaning that if your p value is less than .05, there is a statistically significant effect (and otherwise there's not).

Looking at the table here, we've tested for three effects: a main effect of Sex, a main effect of Treatment, and an interaction between Sex and Treatment. Before we evaluate which effects are significant, let's just quickly go over the meaning of these effects. A significant main effect means that there's a difference somewhere between the levels of your variable, collapsed over the levels of the other variable. In this design, you have 2 levels of Sex (maybe Male/Female) and 3 levels of Treatment (1,2,3). (I know this because of the degrees of freedom ...

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