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SPSS-ANOVA Treatment Conditions

Hi Martin.

It is Tuesday already. I have the next set ready for your help. I need to turn it in before midnite, tonite. Can you help me by then? Following, you will find the exact instructions:

1). Compute a sex by teatment condition ANOVA, using Post-Treatment RCMAS as your dependent variable.

2). Report your analyses in the APA format and write one to two sentences interpreting each of your results (main effects and interactions).

Save SPSS output file and name it: SU_PSY2008_W8_A2_Hubble_M.spv
Write the interpretation in a one to two page MS Word dox, save, and name it: SU_PSY2008_W8_A2_Hubble_M.dox

Thank you for the help; it is much appreciated! If you need an extension of time, let me know so I can turn in my part of the assignment that I have completed before the SPSS portion. Thank you!

Kind regards,


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Hello & Happy Valentine's Day!

I am attaching the SPSS files for today's posting. These include the data file that I recalled from your previous postings with this data as well as the SPSS output file for your Two-Way ANOVA. This Two-Way ANOVA was conducted using Sex and Treatment Condition as the Independent Variables (or Factors) ...

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SPSS for ANOVA treatment conditions are examined.