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    ANOVA example

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    Design an imaginary study or discuss an actual study you've read about that has an experimental or quasi-experimental design that used or would use t-tests or ANOVAs in the data analysis. Briefly tell us the nuts and bolts of the study and then get to the discussion of the following:
    What the null hypothesis is in your experiment?
    What is the level of significance you chose in your experiment and what did you learn because the analysis of the data showed that the divergence from the null hypothesis was statistically significant?
    Describe the statistical method you used in the analysis of the data, either t-tests or ANOVAs. Discuss why your choice was appropriate for your study.

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    Let's imagine that you have several patients who have had knee replacements in the past 6 months. They have poor range of motion in this joint and want to improve it. You decide to compare 3 treatment options: doing nothing, weight training and swimming. You measure their range of motion before treatment starts and every week for 6 weeks.

    The null hypothesis is always that nothing interesting will happen. In this case, that would mean ...

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    Explains a study that would use ANOVA, including the null hypothesis, the p value (statistical significance), hypothesis testing, interpreting the p value, and why ANOVA should be used.